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China Grill in Fort Lauderdale

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Anyone been to the new China Grill in Fort Lauderdale @ The Fort Lauderdale Grande (the old Mariott spot on 17th Street)? I was thinking of trying it out and wanted to know if anyone has been there yet.

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  1. Dined there Sat. night. Highly recommend the Havana roll (yellowtail, rum, coconut and avocado), the pear-ginger martini and the miso cod. They were out of the crispy spinach that night but it appears the menu is the same as the Sobe outpost.

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        There is, but it wasn't available that night. They JUST opened so maybe that had something to do with it. The water view was entirely blocked by a gigantic yacht docked there anyway. Not sure if the restaurant has control over that dock space and has a say over who or what parks their boat there....

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                Yeah last Thursday or Friday... It was available for Opentable reservations on Thursday I know.

    1. China Grill is usually consistently good. Glad to hear FLL is keeping in tune with the others.