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Mar 19, 2008 10:51 AM

Good vegetarian hot and sour soup?

I am so very hungry for hot and sour soup. Any recommendations? Presently in the east 40s but could travel for tasty soup options. I think it has been years since I have had hot and sour soup, so I would really be grateful for any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Best vegetarian H&S soup I've had was at Grand Sichun East 2nd and 55th-56th, west side of street. You just have to put up with the attitude of the servers.

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        If this is really vegetarian, I think I may have to get it this week. I had some vegetarian hot and sour at City Lights in DC last week and it tided me over briefly.

      2. Tangra Masala is an Indian Chinese place near the Queens Mall (you did say you were willing to travel). Awesome selection of soups, including some hot and sour varieties, and other dishes with plenty of vegetarian options. I'm a meat eater but I was introduced to the place by vegetarian friends. The G, V, and R stop at Grand Avenue, and the E and F will get you most of the way there express.

        1. Not Manhattan and I haven't been in a few years, but I always especially liked the veg. hot and sour soup at The Greens on Montague St. in Brooklyn Heights.

          1. Maybe Budda Bodai (kosher & vegetarian) on Mott Street? I loved the vegetarian hot and sour soup at VP3. VP2 or something like that (near Washington Square?) might have it. I almost cried after VP3 closed. I ate there almost every week and they delivered. Their vegetarian roast duck was so good.

            1. With the exception of some strange gluten-y chunks in it, I actually have been enjoying the hot and sour at Zen Palate. There are a limited items that I quite like there - the chopped salad and now this.