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Mar 19, 2008 10:44 AM

Seattle - Curry Rice recs?

I'm looking for a good bowl of Curry Rice. Any recommendations -- downtown, ID, or north of the ship canal? Downtown would be for lunch during the week.

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  1. you can get some basic curry rice (mild or spicy) downtown at Koji Osakaya (University and 1st, 1/2 way down the Harbor Steps). Not sure whether Nijo in Post Alley a couple blocks south of there also has it for lunch. In the I.D., you can get it at Fort St George, but it's not particularly good imo. During dinner, Tsukushinbo has curry. I think Kaname has it but i would avoid that place. Some non-Japanese curry rice options: Pabla on 2rd and Pike/Pine, Taste of Asia in the Century Square food court (Pine/Pike and 3rd/4th) (bland), Wild Ginger (ask for the dish that comes with a plastic bib, the 7 Elements soup, sort of their take on khao soi. Better version of this can be requested at Krittika's (65th and Latona) if you're looking north of the ship canal.)

    1. Could you be a little more specific? Are you looking for Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, etc curry rice?

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        Japanese. That's the only cuisine I know of with "Curry Rice" as a specific dish. (As opposed to some rice dishes with curried this or that.) However, bbqer's reply/description of the dish at Harbor Cafe sounds like a traditional serving of Japanese Curry Rice.

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          sounds CHinese? Most of the Japanese curry i've had tends to be more brown than yellow, and if it has chicken, it tends to be fried or breaded. but maybe that's what you're looking for...

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            Your are correct about the color, the Japanese Curry Rice dishes that I've had tend to be either meduim or darkish brown. What struck me about bbqer's decription of the Harbor Cafe dish was the inclusion of potato and carrot. This was exactly the dish I had oh so many times (twenty odd years ago) at a small Japanese lunch counter in San Francisco across the street where all the Japanese airline people (and passengers) stayed. I'll have to try the Harbor Cafe to see for myself, maybe tomorrow, it's only a block from my office.

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              yes, Tsukushinbo does a curry w/ potato and carrot iirc. Taste of Asia does one also but it's quite bland.

      2. I don't know if this is what you're after, but one of the house favorites for lunch at Harbor Cafe (on 4th Avenue next to Office Depot, between Union and Pike) is their yellow Chinese chicken curry. You can choose white rice or brown, 1 star to 5 stars. You get a generous plate of curry with chicken, carrot, and potato -- very simple -- over rice for about $7. Very tangy and tasty! Many of the regulars here favor this dish as I hear it ordered frequently while I'm enjoying mine. I always order mine with 2 stars.

        1. Here's an undate. Kojy Osakaya was not what I was looking for; the dish itself was tasty for what it was (grilled chicked pieces, curry sauce and rice), but was not a traditional curry rice as I have known it. Tsukushinbo -- went for lunch; didn't see curry rice; ordered katsu curry which was pretty good; the katsu itself was very good. Harbor Cafe -- this is Thai; the dish was yellow curry chicken over rice; pretty tasty for what is was. Sunneys (4700 block on the Ave), a new Korean place -- not quite what I was looking for, but again pretty good for what it was (got a little dish of kim chee on the side). I'll definitely go back for, say bibimbap, or bulgogi. The winner so far is . . . Kiku (5000 block on the Ave). Japanese semi-fast food place that has been there for years. The dish was exactly what I was looking for. BTW, less that $6 and a very generous serving.

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            Hey NW Peter,

            Glad you found what you were looking for. I didn't think the Harbor Cafe's yellow curry was quite what you had in mind, but I tossed out the idea because it's one of my personal favorites. Again, you need to ask them to add spice (at least 2 stars' worth) to make it really flavorful. Thanks for telling us what you found!

          2. Fort St. George in the ID does a fine (Japanese) curry rice. You can get it with whatever - I like their hamburg, but it makes for a LOT of food.

            Good omi-rice and other Japanese diner favorites as well. A much more appetizing place to go since the smoking ban took effect. This place is a Japanese exchange student and ex-pat standby.