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New ideas for dog friendly lunch near beach?

Looking for a place with an outdoor patio near the beach that allows dogs, but is a little nicer than diner food (mom is very health-conscious and dad is on a strict diet for health reasons). This will also be Easter Sunday so it'd be nice to have some better food, but definitely not more than $20pp.

Also, we can't just tie the dog up outside because she's cute, small and timid (see photo) and I'm always afraid someone will want to take her. Either that or she'll freak out and make a screechy noise that sounds like someone's stomping on her.

I've checked out every dog-related post and Park Beach Cafe looks super dog-friendly, but not the type of food I'm hoping for.

Preferred neighborhoods: Huntington Beach or Long Beach (near the dog beaches), Santa Monica, Venice.

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  1. venice is within the city of la which means that the health ordinance will not allow dogs on an 'inside' patio unless they are service dogs.
    this means that you would need to find a place with a patio in the front of the restaurant that will allow your pooch.
    in the past, i've seen this done at c&o trattoria and gaby's near the venice pier.
    you would be sitting on the sidewalk and everyone who walks by will be passing your table.

    1. I often see dogs at the Sidewalk Cafe on the boardwalk in Venice. If you sit next to the railing, you can tie the leash to the railing or your table leg.

      I can't comment on the prices or the food, though.

      1. You might be interested in Cafe Zinc (www.zinccafe.com). I always see dogs on the patio at the Laguna Beach location. There is another in Corona del Mar, if that's not too far south for you. It's not only healthful food, it's vegetarian (but not weird food). You'd need to check to see if it's open for Easter.

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          There are quite a few restaurants on the Hermosa Plaza that have outdoor dining and everyone ties their dogs to the outside rail. The one best suited for you (best food) sounds like Mediterraneo. There is also a Mexican place and a Henessey's Tavern. The food at both is meh. All will be crowded so best to get reservations and ask for outside. Another place is a tiny french cafe called something like "creperie" that is on Pier Avenue. Sorry I can't remember the name exactly. They have perhaps two small tables on the side walk and there are always a few dogs under the table or in the lap. The food is quite good-crepes (duh), salads and good coffee.

        2. In Long Beach, on 2nd St. all of the restaurants w/a patio allow you to sit in the patio and your dog can be just outside. It is very common and done quite often. some of the better places include Open Sesame, Magic Lamp, Le Creperie and the reopened Legends (which has some nice salads on the menu).

          1. 3 Square Cafe on Abbott Kinney in Venice allows dogs on the sidewalk patio--best to call ahead to make sure they haven't changed their policy. They have a fabulous puffed apple pancake.

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              I second this rec. I see dogs there all the time, and the food's actually good. Also--maybe add Urth Caffe (the one on Main) to your list?

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                Urth, both in Santa Monica and the WeHo location are not dog-friendly as of the last couple of months. They have signs posted all over their outdoor area that dogs are not allowed anywhere near the outdoor tables. They even go so far to ban dogs from the tables that are on the sidewalks at the WeHo location, not just the ones that sit above on the outside deck. They even asked me to remove my certified service dog from the table area and tie him to a nearby parking meter although he was laying under the table as trained. (I had to remind them that were breaking federal law several times before they relented.)

            2. In Hermosa Beach there is Martha's just a bit off the strand. Definitely above diner, heart healthy dishes available. In Manhattan Beach there are several restaurants on MB Blvd that have outside patios and are within walking distance of the beach. Also in Metlox Plaza there is a le pain quioitidien and there are always dogs dining outside. Both are really best for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

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                Martha's has been cited too many times and now dogs must remain outside the fenced in patio but still within owner's sight and reach. They still bring water to the pets but they can no longer stay beside the table.

              2. Your words "outdoor patio near the beach that allows dogs, but is a little nicer than diner food" pretty much sums up Alice's which has a patio overlooking the lake in Central Park. Alice's is just around the corner from the Dog Park which has seperate release areas for large and small dogs. Alice's is like a small cottage and most often has an older set of customers sitting at the inside tables. I am not sure whether they will be open on Easter Sunday (give Alice a call) but keep the place in mind for the future. We go for breakfast on Saturday mornings and sit on the patio area with our dog. After breakfast we take our dog to the dog park to play ball.

                Alice's Breakfast in the Park (Must try the cinnamon roll w/ breakfast)
                6622 Lakeview, (this place really is on the lake in the park)
                Huntington Beach, California
                (714) 848-0690

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                  wow wow wow so many choices and making me hungry! I'll start calling around to see if they're open on Sunday.
                  Please keep the recs coming. I share the dog with my brother's family and they're always at the kids' games on the weekends, so I can definitely use these any time of year.