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Mar 19, 2008 10:36 AM

Crystal Fold

We're looking for a chinese restaurant in Toronto that has great Crystal Fold...also know as Rainbow Chopped in Crystal Fold (usually minced veggies and pork mixed with flash fried crispy rice noodles wrapped in lettuce leaves with Hoisen Souce). We usually got our fix at Pink Pearl on Avenue until it closed. All suggestions appreciated...especially if there are any good suggestions for restos in central/north Toronto.

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  1. I believe E-Pan on Spadina have 2 or 3 varieties of crystal fold, although the amount of crispy rice noodles is quite small, in the version served as second course of the Peking Duck.

    1. Spring Rolls has this as an appetizer. Probably not the route you're going for, but there it is.
      Incidentally, I remember having amazing Crystal Fold at a long-closed Chinese restaurant somewhere around Villiage by the Grange in the 90's (before going to Phantom shows!!). Anyone know what restaurant that was? I believe they moved up to North York, but weren't successful there.

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        I think the restaurant you're thinking of was called Young Lok (or something close to that). They did have a good Crystal Fold but they used chicken instead of pork.

      2. House of Chan has an excellent Rainbow Chopped in Crystal Fold - if you haven't been, go! It's definitely not a chowfind, but it's an appealing combination of old school Chinese restaurant and quality steakhouse. It's not cheap, though.

        1. if you're willing to spend some money. I just noticed it on the menu at Lai Toh Heen

          1. I believe the Pearl at Queen's Quay does a decent crystal fold. Nice room, particularly if you get a window seat overlooking the lake.