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Mar 19, 2008 10:36 AM

Need Help for Lunch in Portsmouth

I live in the Worcster area, my folks live north of Portland, and we are meeting for lunch this Sunday in Portsmouth. I used to know the area many years ago when I went to UNH, but am clueless now. Just looking for something relatively tasty and not terribly expensive. I'm not sure what the fact that its going to be easter will do to restaurants being open. Any help appreciated.

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  1. Has anyone been to Rosa's Restaurant? The menu looks decent. I have a friend who said he went to Poco's Bow Street Cantina and it was terrible.

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      The Rosa is very mainstream Italian with the standard "Anywhere USA" Italian dishes, a decent pizza, and a sprinkling of more creative dishes. The quality is a good solid "B". If you're looking for that kind of reliable comfort food Italian at a moderate price point, it's fine and I'd recommend it without hesitation. If you're looking for fine dining and food art with high end service, this ain't your place.

    2. Go to the Portsmouth Gaslight Co on Market St., get some nice wood fired brick oven pizzas, we go there every time we head into Portsmouth. Avoid Poco's and the other waterfront crap - it always sucks. Sakura is awesome for sushi but you can run up a tab if you get out of control. 4 people at Gaslight will run you about $50-60 for a few beers and pizzas, Sakura will run you $100-120 for a few beers and some basic sushi platters. Enjoy!

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        I am not impressed with the last couple of times I went to the Gaslight, and agree on Pocos, terrible.

        Portsmouth Brewery is one of my favorite for mid-priced meals, great Mussels, Salmon, Burgers and beer! And this Sunday being Easter, not sure which are open.

        I really like Acorns in Durham (UNH), which may be doing a pre-fix on Easter.

      2. I hope I'm not too late... but don't go to any of the places that these people have suggested -- they are not good!

        For a light lunch, we love Popovers. You order and pick up your meal from a counter, but the salads, sandwiches and soups are fresh, healthy and delicious. Don't forget to ask for maple butter with your popovers! The chocolate chip cookies (although small) are to die for.

        You can also try Flatbreads Pizza, an organic restaurant that only serves pizza and one type of salad but the food is awesome and the vibe is groovy -- very cool and earthy. We love Jay's Heart Pizza. Ask for extra bleu cheese on your salad. Yummy gingerbread for dessert...

        Your parents may enjoy Rudi's, which used to be the Metro. They have their own parking lot and it's a sit-down restaurant. I think their Caesar Salad is the best in Portsmouth and I also love their Salmon Burger. It has a nicer dining room, so it would be a better place to linger with your parents.

        But I think the best place to meet them would be at the Wentworth By The Sea Hotel in New Castle. The dining room overlooks the water and the food is wonderful for a hotel. I love the Steak Gorgonzola Salad and the Lobster Bisque. They also have an awesome Jazz Brunch on Sundays!

        P.S. I like your screen name -- I am a 24 junkie also!

        1. Thanks for all the helpful tips. My parents are not "foodies" like we are, so higher-end places are definitely not for them. Trust me, I'd love to get some good sushi, but they wouldn't go for it in a million years. Luckily I can and will eat pretty much anything so there are some nice suggestions here. It'll probably boil down to Rosa's and Rudi's.

          Hey majik, you must have heard about the 24 2 hour season 7 prequel coming this fall? Its the least they can do for us, making us wait til 09 for the next season!