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Mar 19, 2008 09:56 AM


I am going to Medellin at the end of the month with the "boys". One of the nights is our best friend's birthday and I want to show him THE BEST medellin has to offer in terms of a restauarant and then a club (he is single). What is recommended. Please suggest nice restauarants that has a "people watching" scene and that may be a little veggie friendly.
Any other recommendations for the other 3 nights?

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  1. I get down to Medellin once or twice per year. It's not a culinary destination by any stretch, but it is vastly improved in the past couple years. I think your best bet is in the Parque Lleras neighborhood. There are lots of cool clubs and bars in the block surrounding the park. Just walk around and you'll find one that suits your needs.

    Not too far away from Parque Lleras in Poblado, there is a cool restaurant called Herbario that has a really cool, loft-like interior. The chef is good friends with the chef at Donostia (one of the best restaurants in Bogota) -- it's got a similar Spanish-Colombian streak running thruogh the menu. The ceviche de mero is outstanding. The pork tenderloin I had was very good, too. The desserts were very good.

    For traditional Colombian food in Medellin, I ate at Ajiacos & Mondongos Exquisitos for the first time. This place is great -- my favorite restaurant in Medellin. It is in Poblado, not far from Parque Poblado, and you go for lunch. They've converted an old house into a restaurant, so think about lots of small rooms with eclectic decoration. The menu is pretty small -- frijoles, ajiacos, or mondongos. I got the frijoles and it was great. Their lemonade is great, as is their masamora. And it's all really cheap -- less than $10 per person.

    Going towards Rio Negro, I compared Dona Rosa and Sancho Paisa. I would say that Sancho Paisa has the better food. I had some empanadas and patacones, which were fresh and good. And afterwards, stop by the store to pick up a panelito de coco -- unbelievable. I need to get more of those ASAP.

    If you want a jam-packed club, then you should head to Mangos (it's a 10-minute cab ride from Poblado). This place goes all night with salsa dancing everywhere. It can be really fun if your group of friends gets into it.

    1. nice people watching area is el 10, never really ate there but there is lounges clubs and restaurants. cant quite give recommendation for best of food in Medellin but i second the rec from glutton on mondongos, and you gotta try dona lechona where you get stuffed suckling pig with crispy skin damn good. and yes mangos is the club to go, beautiful girls, good atmosphere and plenty of aguardiente.....enjoy