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Mar 19, 2008 09:46 AM

Korean handmade noodles on Aurora Ave

Anyone run across restaurants serving Korean handmade noodles on Aurora Ave where the noodle is made as ordered?

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  1. I've heard that Old Country in Shoreline is under new ownership. They now call themselves Old Country BBQ Bistro and serves their hand made buckwheat noodles in a cold soup. It sounds very try-worthy.

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    1. re: kirkj

      Do you mean Old Village? If so, I can't speak for their noodle situation, but after being a contented Old Village regular for years, I tried the new place and was disappointed on just about every count. That was fairly close to the time of the management change, though, so perhaps they've tuned it up a bit by now.

    2. I enjoy the "hand shaved nooodles" at Szechuan 99, but do not know what to expect of a Korean hand made noodle. Can you describe or compare?

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        Have you ever had Japanese buckwheat somen? It's a little similar.

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          When I lived in DC there were a number of Korean restaurants that served handmade noodles. Basically the noodlemaker mixed buckwheat flour and stretched it in the air and whacked the dough out on the table then picked up the dough and stretch it out again. He repeated this many times and eventually strands of noodles get pulled out. As noodle orders come in he cut portions out with a knife and it goes into a boiling pot. Drain and into a bowl to be ladled with broth and whatever toppings the customer decided on.
          A definitively fresh bowl of noodles. I heard a that there may a Korean restaurant that served fresh handmade noodle.