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Mar 19, 2008 09:11 AM

Best Gelato in Vegas

I'm on a quest for gelato in vegas in may. Where can I find the best?

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  1. Jean-Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio.

    1. Enoteca San Marco (Venetian). Try salted caramel! I believe B&B Ristorante shares gelato making facilities with Enoteca, in which case B&B is another option.

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      1. re: Larry

        Ooh, good recommendation. In case the OP doesn't know, J-P Patisserie is a take-out kind of place, whereas Enoteca San Marco is a sit-down restaurant. However you can go just for gelato, we did.

        1. See today's Las Vegas Weekly "Best Bites" column at The reviewer ate at a place called Le Golosita. The reviewer states that it serves "without a doubt, the Valley’s best gelato."

          OK, that's an easy claim to make. Has anyone tried this place?

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          1. re: Larry

            i've been meaning to's the newest place on the "eastern corridor " ...there are geez...7-10 food places in a 3 mile stretch off the 215 fwy on eastern ( technically, it's henderson, nv ) places like patsy grimaldi's, white chocolate grill, la golosita ,etc golosita is supposed to be a combo deli/bakery / restaurant ....i will try on monday ( i'm behind schedule - i was supposed to try david burke or aquaknox this last week but i was sick )

            i will try the gelato but i am not an expert ...though fav gelato was at a place at the entrance to the ponte vecchio ( sp ) in florence, italy ....spectacular !!!

            i'll let you know

            1. re: kjs

              Le Golosita's deli/bakery where you can get the geleato to go is gorgeous, but when I went there a week ago, the flavors of gelato were VERY limited! It was at 9pm, for what it's worth. They did a tasty cannoli, studded with candied citrus rind.

              Best gelato for me? At The Venetian, the 2 different gelato places they have are wonderful. I am addicted to the cinnamon one so much!

          2. Thank you all so much. Will do a taste comparison of J-P and Enoteca. I love salted caramel so we may just go for that. Thanks for the heads up Debbie W on the type of restaurant.
            We are staying on the strip w/o a car, so I don't know if we will make it to Le Golosita but you will have to report back kjs.