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joe's shanghai

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hey everyone...

my brother is coming to visit me this weekend, and he loves soup dumplings. i want to take him to joe's shanghai since i happen to love their soup dumplings. however, i'm on the UWS and it'll be a trek to get down to chinatown for dinner.
i noticed that they have a location on west 56th street - has anyone been to that location? are their soup dumplings as good as the ones at the pell street chinatown location?

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  1. I've eaten at the 56th st location only once but the food, including the soup dumplings, were on par to the Pell st location, more expensive though and nowhere near the same atmosphere. I live on the UWS and go to Chinatown a lot, lately taking the 1 to 59th and transfering to the B/D to Grand and Cristie. As little as twenty minutes. Plus, once you're there if Joe's is crowded, which it often is, you can go to Yeah Shanghi or a number of other places for soup dumplings. But the 56th st loc will certainly satisfy the soup dumpling craving.

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      when the train lets you off at grand and chrystie, how long of a walk is it to get to pell/bowery?

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        Six blocks. West on Grand to Bowery then south to Pell is easiest. Don't burn your mouth.

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        With repect to heading to Yeah Shanghai, or any other place for soup dumps if Joe's is too crowded, I respectfully suggest that you do not even consider such a thing. I have had the soupies from just about everywhere and can say, without question, that Joe's dumps are in a class by themselves. There is a big difference- so just wait get a number and wait patiently for delectable little sacks of heaven.

      3. they taste the same but are more expensive and come fewer to an order than at the Pell St. location. I also find the atmosphere even less interesting/enjoyable at the midtown branch. I expect a slightly mediocre atmosphere in Chinatown but not smack dab in the middle of midtown.

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          thanks guys!
          i guess we'll make the trek down to chinatown...honestly, the 'less expensive' is what sold me! plus, it almost seems more authentic in chinatown...

        2. i know this is pretty much out of the question since the trek was your concern to begin with, but i find the Joe's in Flushing to be significantly better than the Chinatown one. it's even cheaper there than it is in Chinatown. In Flushing, it's 4.65 for 8 dumplings. Everything else on the menu is cheaper too, and better quality in my opinion. The restaurant itself is also cleaner, looks nicer, and no tourists. But it will be a trek.

          1. I've been going to these 3 locations of Joe's for more than a decade. It's been a fave since childhood but only started going to the midtown one the last few years (I sometimes travel to midtown for work now). Flushing is probably the best, next comes Chinatown, and then midtown. I think that if you can make it to Chinatown, just stick with that. Flushing dumplings aren't so much better that it's worth it to make the trip for it and midtown dumplings just aren't as good to me. Plus expensive -6 dumplings for $8 and the quality just doesn't seem to be as good to me. Anyhow, glad you decided on Chinatown.

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              I agree with everyone else - Joe's midtown is fine, but pricey and not as good as the one in Chinatown. I've yet to get out to the one in Flushing but I hear that it's the best of all!

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                it certainly is. the prices are significantly cheaper, so if you have the time to go out there, then why not.

            2. I ate at the 56th street location 2 weeks ago when I was in NY and liked the crab and pork dumplings, but I think they are a horrible joke played on non-oriental people...haha...I did not too bad a job of eating them, but you look like a fool doing it. Am I the only one who looks like a complete fool while eating those soup dumplings? I was in a hurry so I ate downstairs so I did not get to look at the upstairs area. The downstairs area is pretty bare. No one goes there for the decor, but for the food.

              1. no no no! don't go to 56th. get on a train and head to chinatown, it's quick.

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                  just an update - we had a FABULOUS experience at joe's shanghai in chinatown. we got there around 7:30 friday night, gave the hostess our name, and only waited about 10 minutes. we were seated at a large table with several other people, which was absolutely fine. we ordered the pork/crabmeat soup dumplings, which were TO DIE FOR. we also ordered the sauteed stringbeans, fried rice cake with beef, and general tso's chicken (my brother isn't too adventurous when it comes to chinese food, haha). all in all, it was a wonderful dinner and i will definitely be heading back there soon...

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                    awesome. we gotta get back there soon...

                2. Was just there a few weeks ago and in addition to both kinds of XLB (soup dumplings) we also had the double cooked pork. No need to be adventurous to enjoy this dish. Neither one of us had had it before and it was delicious.

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                    The braised pork shoulder next time- redonkulous. Also the shrimp in meat sauce is one of the most delicious dishes on earth, and you will order them over and over.

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                      wow - shrimp in meat sauce sounds awesome! is it similar to shrimp in lobster sauce?

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                        Nope- nothing like lobster sauce at all. Much more of a tangy orange sauce. I've attached three pics, one of them being the shrimp.

                  2. any other suggestions for dishes after the dumplings?

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                      jellyfish, pork belly (called fresh bacon on the menu), yellowfish fingers, pork shoulder (as mentioned above).

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                        i agree on the pork belly but it's so heavy (but good!) i would be wary ordering a single dish for fewer than 3 people. i also like the eggplant with garlic and the lion's head meatballs.

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                          I second the eggplant w garlic sauce- and STRONGLY back the lion's head meatballs (so amazingly tender).


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                            thanks for the pictures!
                            the shrimp looks delicious, and seeing those soup dumplings again made me want to get up from my desk and head to pell street! maybe this weekend...