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Mar 19, 2008 08:26 AM

The Explorers Café

Has anyone been to the The Explorers Café in Midland? Someone was telling me it was the cat's miao but I was hoping to get some other views!

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  1. Haven't been and I haven't heard a thing. Your questions always make me curious, though, so I've found this:

    1. The Explorer's Cafe is, in my opinion, the best restaurant in Midland and general area. It has innovative food - all with an international flavour - a great atmosphere and warm and attentive staff. The salmon and their special dessert, Chai Creme Brulee are to die for!!! It would compare favourably to many restaurants in Toronto, with a nice casual feel to it.

      1. Their website is a wasted opportunity to talk about their menu and cultural activities. Why bother.

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          Because, JamieK, many rural communities are still dial-up. Just letting people know where you are is effort enough.

        2. 'smatter of fact, we ate there Friday night. It's a regular stop for us every summer,we have a cottage nearby.
          Casual, laid-back atmosphere. Friendly, attentive service. The chef likes it spicy, so if that's not your forte, advise your waitress.
          I agree with Iseaborn, it compares favourably to a good bistro in Toronto.
          Would also suggest Mad Michael's for superb BBQ and the Library for higher end dining.

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            I find the food better at Explorer's than the Library - although indeed Explorers is really only a cafe (as its name says). Library is very 'safe' - which for me means unexciting.
            But Mad Michael's is the star in this area. Even more casual than the others - but for me it's the only 'destination' (although I'm basing my comments on last year - haven't been (yet) since this season's re-opening.
            IMO the BBQ exceeds everything I've had in Toronto - and their cornbread is the best I've had anywhere.

            There's a (mostly) take-out BBQ place recently opened in Midland (more of a diner - can't think of the name), which will do in a pinch, but the meat was dried out when I tried it - although fairly good flavour.