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Mar 19, 2008 08:24 AM

Panini grill - best bread to use and need recipes

I recently bought a panini maker as I love those grilled sandwiches in restaurants. I bought a large whole Ciabatta bread and found the slices too thick for my grill. I've read that Ciabatta and sourdough bread is good for a home panini grill. Are there others? I'm not crazy about these two breads and like more of a 7-grain bread for crunchiness.

So far I've made grilled vegies with goat cheese, peanut butter & jam, tuna melts. All your favorite recipes are appreciated.

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  1. We use French bread sandwich rolls. It just needs to be a somewhat thicker bread. Use what you like. For recipes go to the cuisinart site. They have lots of sides, entrees, sandwiches, for use on their Griddler. They would work on any brand.

    1. Ciabatta, focaccia bread-hearty breads.

      1. I've tried a lot of different rolls and breads that had good crusts on them, but what I find works best is bread that is sliced so the softer doughier part is exposed to the heat rather than the top and bottom of the crust. Usually what we'll do is get a nice loaf (generally some kind of artisan white or sourdough) from our local bakery or Whole Foods and have it sliced and we've been very happy with the results - the panini gets nice and toasted and I don't have as much of a problem getting everything to stick together. I also really like Trader Joe's Tuscan Pane - nice density and works perfectly in panini.

        We've used lots of different fillings but generally keep things pretty simple and pick just a few really nice ingredients always starting with cheese and adding vegetables, a spread or meats: proscuitto with mozzarella or fontina; goat cheese with olive tapenade and/or roasted red peppers; cheddar and red onion either with or without turkey or ham; fontina with slices of tomato and pesto...and for dessert we're big fans of nutella panini (esp with strawberries).

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          I agree. Sliced rustic breads, crusty sourdough, batard, pangnotta, boule -- all make great panini sandwiches.

          1. I use torpedo shaped hard rolls, slather some melted butter on both sides

            1. I've been using a flax-seed ciabatta from Trader Joe's when I don't have home-made. It's unsliced, so thickness isn't a problem. Baguettes from the Vietnamese banh mi shops and handmade pita and blue corn tortillas from ethnic grocers are good, too.