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Mar 19, 2008 08:23 AM

Best Jamaican Beef Patties (areas or restaurants)?

A transplanted New Yorker just posted a request on the San Francisco Bay Area board for the"best" Jamaican beef patties like he was used to in NY. A hopeless request, if you ask me, but that raised a couple of questions in my mind, as I have only encountered the rather wretched, seemingly ubiquitous ones served at convenience stores and fast food outlets,

Just where ARE the best Jamaican Beef patties in New York, both from the standpoint of neighborhoods/communities and individual vendors?

Secondly, just what makes a good Beef Patty a good Beef Patty?

Focus on Beef Paties please, not on other delights of Jamaican cuisine, (though if you want tease my tast buds with an aside or two......).

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  1. Little Miss Muffin - Park Place in prospect heights

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    1. re: ginsbera

      Honestly, the Golden Krust chain of fast food restaurants, which are all over the Bronx and parts of Queens and Brooklyn, have really good Jamaican beef patties. There's also an outpost in the basement at Grand Central.

      I know nothing about Jamaican cuisine and nothing about what is SUPPOSED to make a beef patty good, but the reason I like the ones at Golden Krust is because there's a nice ratio of filling to crust, the filling is nicely seasoned, and the krust is tender and flaky yet sturdy. Other places I've tried tend not to have enough filling and/or the crust is very dry.

      1. re: biondanonima

        I am sorry to disagree, but GK patties are complete garbage. It is the fast food of patties and might even have Alpo inside.

        1. re: editor58

          OMG editor58, I love you, I so agree with you, golden krust beef patties are the nastiest patties I have ever eaten, the filling was like eating gravy with a few specks of beef, just nasty!

    2. Buff Patty on Myrtle in Ft Greene. Great flaky crust, hot filling with delicious spicy and complex flavor. Christie's on Flatbush is pretty good too, but I prefer the Buff Patty crust texture.

      Christie's Jamaican Patties
      387 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

      Buff Patty
      376 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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      1. re: oolah

        Part of my enjoyment of a pattie is the coco bread, and I just love Christie's version.

        1. re: lambretta76

          I second Christies. The beef patties are incredibly tasty and have just the right amount of heat.

          1. re: vinegarhill

            If you haven't tried Little Miss Muffin I highly reccommend it. Though I like their beef patties I actually think their BBQ chicken patties are the best thing they offer, plump, and filling.

      2. To answer your question 'what makes a good beef patty a good beef patty' ... First and foremost, the patty should be served hot or warm, NOT cold. Many places cook their patties around lunchtime and have them sit around in glass-enclosed unheated displays all day. Avoid those places if you can. Patty crusts should not break apart easily after one bite, and should be flaky -- indicating freshness. Very hard crusts or soggy crusts are usually old. Fillings should be generous and *moist* with the right amount of heat. It's disappointing to bite into a patty to find that there's not much filling in it. Lastly, if you opt for coco bread, be sure the patty is heated (or reheated in some cases). The coco bread will certainly fill you up. Visit Jamaican/West Indian neighborhoods for the best.
        I can't make any recs b/c my search continues for good beef/chicken patties.

        I should also mention that there are those people who order beef patties from neighborhood pizza shops in NY. Those patties are typically Tower Isle brand patties that arrive frozen, are cooked daily around lunchtime, and then reheated upon request throughout the day. Some people opt to get theirs filled with CHEESE -- the same cheese used for pizza toppings. It's probably a NY thing if I had to guess and it is tasty!

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        1. re: Cheese Boy

          I occasionally give in to the craving for a pizza shop beef patty with sauce and cheese. I'm sure it's deadly, but it's so juicy and tasty! I've seen others who order the patties add on extra things like pepperoni, sausage, grilled onions, jalepenos and red pepper flakes.

          1. re: Judyluvs

            Judy, wow! I've only seen cheese and pepperoni toppings. Some of the other toppings you've mentioned just remove the whole Jamaican "essence" for me personally. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to patties - no toppings - only coco bread if I'm really hungry. (I will admit that a patty topped with cheese is really tasty though).

            1. re: Cheese Boy

              Well, you do have to consider that usually the beef patties and toppings were being ordered by big, hungry guys looking to add something to their snack of the moment... and with a couple of slices! Since I personally can't handle spicy foods very well, the separate ones where the persons added on pickled jalepenos and a (seemingly endless) shake of red pepper flakes made me watch in food prep fascination.

        2. Not a Jamaican patty (hope that's cool), but I always used to get great ones at this very small Guyanese place called Golden Loaf, at 715 Nostrand near Sterling in Crown Heights. Some of the best I've had in the city as far as filling-to-crust ratio, spicy inside with a very fresh and flaky crust. Goes great with a 'Ting.

          1. I would try The Feeding Tree in the Bronx - 892 Gerard Ave # 161
            Bronx, NY 10452 (718) 293-5025‎
            I still haven't gotten around to going there, but I have heard good things.
            I like the spicy chicken patty from Golden Crust, but I find that their pastry can be a little thick and dry at times. A good patty should have a light a flaky crust, at least that's the way I like 'em.

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            1. re: bosun

              You have to try Jackie's Bakery in the North East Bronx It is located in the plaza on the intersection of 233rd and Baychester Ave. They have by far the best Coco Bread I have ever had. They bake their own patties and Bread, not like Feeding Tree who outsources their patties.
              FYI....Golden Crust pattyies are a little to flaky for me, not full of meat, and you can taste that they are not fresh.

              1. re: damenacer

                ooh, have to get to jackie's. thanks!