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Mar 19, 2008 08:13 AM

Need reco for nice coffeehouse, or "easy" but nice restau in Journal Sq, Jersey City nr. old movie theatre

Hi all. I don't know Jersey City at all, but in a few weeks I and some friends plan to go to that old movie house in J. City...the one that shows classic films... Anyway, beforehand we'd like to meet at a nice coffeehouse, or maybe get a bite to eat. I'd prefer a non-Starbucks coffeehouse, and if a restaurant, I want something small, nice and charming, or else maybe a classic diner or something. No chain restaurants (not that anyone on THIS board would suggest that anyway!), nor do we want a restaurant that's too upscale.


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  1. clarify, the theatre is In Journal Sq., I guess right across from the PATH station. I found recos elsewhere here for Ox, Merchant and Marco and Pepe, all in J. City, but I've no idea if they are in Journal Sq. or not. That's what I'm looking for...restaurants or cafes similar to what Ox, Merchant and Marco & Pepe seem to be...but in Journal Sq. Tx!

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      That theatre is directly across the street from the Journal Square PATH train station - and unfortunately the area is a little run down and transcient (in my opinion) - the coffee places are not what I would classify as nice and "sit-down" more deli like - & local restaurants run the gamut of pizza joints, spanish places, quiznos, mcdonalds, popeyes, and a close-by golden krust caribbean place. You would have to walk to Newark Avenue and then decide on the Indian end or the Filipino ends of it for some decent food. The area just doesn't allow itself for hanging out and spending too much time there - but I am amazed at the art deco facade of that theatre that you are referring to - I always see the Marquee and they have some good classic films running there (like a Orson Welles series recently) but I just would not really like to come out to the street after the movie - it is just not that appealing - The Stanley theatre on the opposite side has another wondrous facade but I think had been bought or is being used by the Jehovah Witness for there meetings and does not show movies.

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        ah, what a pity! Thanks for the info. Well I know that sometimes even in such areas, there is tucked away a little gem of a place...even a dive if you will, but with its own little charm... ?? Someone else mentioned that just one PATH stop away is Grove Street, and that that is full of nice places to eat. Maybe we'll just have to try that then....

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          While I cant think of a marco & pepe like place i think foodcad undersold the indian food--there is top notch indian food on newark ave, that's what i've done before going to loews and have had a great time.

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            I was not trying to sell either location at Newark Ave. I was just providing my opinion of the question that was asked, although I think the Indian and Filipino are decent - much better can be had in Jackson Heights & Woodside, Queens - and yippee1999 was looking for something "charming" which neither of those are on Newark Ave.(imo). I defintely think that Grove Street is a much better choice for "charming" little non-chain restaurants. Yippee1999 if you could possibly give me your opinion of the Journal Square area after you go and watch your movie - it would let me know if I know what I am talking about or not.

    2. You might enjoy the Philippine Bread House. Here's a link to a NY Times article. Call to find out about their hours.

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        Oh, I should add, it's not right in Journal Square, but an easy walk nearby.

      2. Morgan Seafood has great grilled fish (2801 JFK Blvd.) is a10min walk from Journal Sq. PATH. Very basic joint. Egyptian. Really nice folks run it. Rasoi is great all-around Indian (on Newark Ave.)... a longer walk tho. Agreed that you're hard pressed to find anything "small nice charming" in the immed. area. Diner-wise, the VIP diner (175 Sip Ave) is ok. if you stick to the basics. The Loew's Theatre is unbelievably beautiful inside. And check out the newly restored organ at the front of the theatre.