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JONS market deli

Hello all!

I had to make a late night milk run and the closest place was JONS market on Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys (usually go to Ralphs, but wanted to be quick)

I passed by the deli and I gotta say, it was very impressive. Though I didn't take a detailed inventory (though I will next week), I saw so many different types of cheeses and cold cuts that I wouldn't have expected at a supermarket.

They had seven different types of Halva, a variety of olives, four or five types of mortadella, black forest ham (domestic AND imported),

Most important, the people behind the counter were very friendly (one customer contemplating whether to buy turkey today or tomorrow was told that the price was going up tomorrow morning) another guy sampled like four different meats (personally, I thought he was having a late dinner, but the guy helping him was very polite and smiley)

For those of ya who just drive by JONS, might be worth stopping and having a look see!



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  1. nice, jons has come a long way, i remember when years ago they were for the most part a neighborhood market, their products depended on the area's residents according to the stores location, plus the stores themselves were not all that welcoming

    1. There's also a Jons in OC on Goldenwest St. north of Golden West College. They have an extensive deli and a large assortment of ethnic items (canned, jars, packaged in dry goods area), including eastern European. Beyond the deli there's also a freezer with various perogi, blini, etc. They also have more ethnic dairy items than regular markets. The produce is very reasonable for most things, but not the best quality.

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          do they carry leaf lard?? Been wanting to give that a try

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            I recently tried a lavash sandwich which I assume is offered at all of their deli's for $4.95. It was the lavash bread filled with *at least* 1/4 pound of *any meat*, 5-6 slices of any cheese, wrapped like burrito stuffed to the gills with lettuce, tomato etc. It was really great and well worth the money.

        2. not to mention all the local pita breads and other breads, tons of different charcuterie, 5 different types of feta at least, and my personal favorite; the locally made puff pastry in the freezer section that is better than any brand out there!
          Cheap olive oils, wonderful produce, and other good smoked fish to boot!

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            Thanks for the puff pastry tip, do you know if they carry it at all Jons locations? I usually go the one on La Brea but my purchases tend to be limited to bread and dairy there.

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              Not sure. I usually go to the one on Vermont and Hollywood but have been to others and they all seem to carry similar items.

          2. I'm glad to hear some love for Jon's -- I spend more time defending it to my skeptical friends. they've never even been inside the store, but they knock it nonetheless. I'm a fan of their tahini bread and their cheese selection. You can often find a wide range of Karoun cheeses there, as well as some other brands. Of late, I've been particularly keen on this smoked solgogi cheese that is essentially a smoked mozzarella. In their deli area, I like their feta and manouri cheeses. I had dolmades from Jon's once and they were pretty good, too.

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              I like Jon's for produce and some meat and delis stuff, as well as imported foods. You have to be very careful with the produce. They basically just dump the whole crate onto the shelf. It is up to you to carefully scrutinize and find the best quality pieces. Great buys if you are careful. Also, lately, in the deli they have had one pound solid Challenge butters for under 3 bucks. I cut it into quarters and freeze it.

            2. Actually, Jon's is a nice alternative and definitely has items seldom found elsewhere, and often at very affordable prices. For the Ciroc Vodka fans, they sold the 750ml bottle size a few weeks back for $15.99, meaning anywhere from $7-15 less than anywhere else I have been, including Topline in Glendale.
              Also, they carry nearly the complete line of Zergut jarred products from Bulgaria, which are wonderful. If you like the peppers, zucchini, or eggplant type dishes, then get them there, as they are way cheaper than the few Whole Foods stores that carry them. Only place comparable in my area for selection and price is the Rasputin Market on Ventura in Encino's Plaza De Oro center, which by the way also has a very good takeout deli and bakery.

              1. I LOVE Jon's! Their eggs are the freshest I have found. Buy the jumbo's. The ethnic delicacies are fun to explore. It's a great place to get imported condiments and/or unusual spices. As far as the produce is concerned, it is generally underrated. For every "so-so" fruit or vegetable, there is a beautiful, fresh, unblemished one to be found in the next bin. It just takes an extra bit of time to shop. They have fresh herbs -- some way under a dollar! Tomatoes, peppers of all colors, shapes and sizes, 4-5 varieties of eggplant, ditto on the cukes, and, IMHO, have the widest and freshest variety of fruits and vegetables that can be had at such outrageously low prices (barring the occasional perfectly beautiful bag of fresh oranges sometimes found in 99 cent stores :o)). I just sliced two yellow bells for a salad today that were still sweet and crisp (with a firm green stem to boot) after three weeks in my refrigerator. I think that when some people see the prices, they think that the produce may be inferior (or of dubious origin). I don't know of another place in my neighborhood where you can buy 5 bunches of Italian parsley for $1 . . . or red, orange, and yellow peppers for 79 cents a pound . . . or celery for 70 cents . . . or 3 lbs, of tomatoes for $1. . .or the same price for 5 bunches of scallions . . . or lettuce and cabbage at 2 heads for $1. Twenty bucks will get you three or four hefty grocery bags full of mostly farm-fresh produce. I rest my case.

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                  I agree with with everything you've just said here. Herbs for .69/bunch. Most fruit under $1/lb. Amazing deli case - wish they would carry pancetta, though.

                  And something else? The people who work there are really, really nice. That goes a long way, let me tell you.

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                    Yep, definitely agreed. Produce is extremely overpriced in most other chains (Ralphs etc, and forget about places like Gelsons or Whole Foods - rip offs for the uninformed!). The Jons in the original post is the best Jons by far, however, after traveling to other ones - cleanest, largest, nicest, cheapest, etc.

                    Other really good (quality and price) supermarkets are in Koreatown - pretty much all the grocery stores there, and San Gabriel (HK Markets).

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                      I'm a big fan of Jons produce - yes sometimes they leave it languishing too long, but there's plenty that's fresh - and the prices! I'm a persimmon freak, and in season I buy bucketfuls at Jons - at 59 cents/lb, when they're $1.99/lb at the farmers markets, and $2 A PERSIMMON at Ralphs.

                  2. Does anyone know where the closest Jon's Market is to the Westchester area? Someone at the Auto Club told me that there was one on Crenshaw and Slauson. I couldn't find it. Someone else suggested going to Rosecrans and Prairie. I didn't find one. I can't keep taking these grand tours of the city with such high gas prices!

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                    1. Love Jons; especially for it's vodka selection. It's one of the few places that carries the best vodka I've had to date, "youri dolgoruki". Superior to any so called premium vodka and it's under $30.

                      1. jon's do differ - the one in glendale has many more varieties of "molasses" - pekmez/ boiled down grape juice, date juice, carob, or pomegranate into a thick molasses like liquid with no added sugar. that one caters more to a middle-eastern clientele. The ones in hollywood cater more to russians, as does the one in north hollywood. the la brea one has great piroshki to go, the north hollywood one as well, lots of smoked fish that glendale didn't have. But glendale had persian cucumbersat$.60 a lb. pretty good.

                        Also, as said before, great liquor selection. Eastern european and central chocolates, interesting wines from Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, definitely worth a look. (they used to sell stolichnaya and moskovskaya vodkas at 1/3 the price of other stores, for those who are interested in such things).

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                          Another similar market and deli is Valley Produce in Simi Valley at First and LA. The deli offers more than Jon's and yes they have all the different flavored halavah too. This difference is that the market is geared a lot less towards the Hispanic crowd. They have many frozen items like Indian foods which I love. A good explanation of the place is given at
                          http://www.yelp.com/biz/valley-produc.... The link is slow.

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                            I think there may be one like that in sun Valley, too

                        2. Yes I find their produce is very well priced, I noticed that their Deli section also has salmon caviar for a good price, a little over 20 bucks a pound.