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Mar 19, 2008 08:04 AM

cheese plate in warren ri

theyve been open for a month or two now,and we finally stopped in,its strictly wine and cheese.they do a combo box to go, that has 5 kinds of cheese,dried fruit and nuts ,crusty bread,and olives,with a few chocolates to finish it off,and its only 12 dollars.the day we went it was irish themed,but the had a bunch of different ones also,and they dont skimp at all,we still have a few pieces left after 2 tastings.looks like they have a nice wine list too,everyone at the tables looked pretty happy,the guy that owns the place is the cool moose guy,kinda famous rhode island dude,hes also a wine rep,so you know hes got some great wines by the glass.cant wait to try some other cheeses,farmstead now has more compitition ,good for everyone!!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience at the Cheese Plate. I live in the area and look forward to checking it out soon.

    1. I FINALLY got to The Cheese Plate. I loved it. The wine special was Chianti, which isn't my first choice, but it was excellent. We ordered the Italian Cheese Plate to go with it and it was perfect. The ambiance is low key, you can actually talk to the people you are with, and the chairs are awesome! Cheese Plates are now $15 per plate & totally worth it.

      1. I visited again the night before Thanksgiving and The Cheese Plate does not disappoint. It's awesome.

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