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Mar 19, 2008 07:44 AM

Progressive Bachelorette in Chinatown

We (about 6 late twenty-somethings) are going out for a friends bachelorette in Chinatown. I was thinking of doing a kind of "progressive dinner" where we go to a different place for each component.

My plan was to start at the hotel (we are staying in town that night) with champagne, cheese, etc. Then hit Poste (its the bar at our hotel actually) or such for pre-dinner drinks. The bride is already sold on Oya for dinner (I know its food is not the tip top of the line, but the decor makes up for it in this instance).

I wanted some ideas on:

1) should we do apps somewhere? Or just enjoy our cheese and maybe a nibble at the Poste bar?

2) Where has excellent desserts? Oya just doesn't have a great variety .. I'd love somewhere that has interesting, whimsical options.

3) after dinner bar .. again we want to stay in chinatown, this is NOT going to be a raucous drunken party, we'd prefer more of a lounge feel where we can get yummy drinks and actually talk to each other.

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  1. I would certainly consider stopping in at the lounge at PS7. The drinks are great (voted best bartenders in town by Washingtonian) and their lounge menu is delicious. I really like the mini tuna tartar sliders and arancinni (sp?). Plus if you get there during their happy hour everything is fairly cheap. PS7 would also be a good option for the "after dinner bar" (although I haven't been there late at night yet so maybe someone else knows the vibe.)

    Acadiana is right down the street from Oya and has pretty good desserts with a yummy southern twist. Think pecan pie and beignets with chickory coffee. I always eat at the bar there.

    1. You need to go to Proof at some point (wine bar)

      I think cheese should be a great option instead of apps.

      Oya has pretty decent desserts, but I'm not much of a dessert fan.

      1. Also the bar at Zaytinya is right by Oya and normally pretty happening.

        1. 701 also has nice desserts - their chocolate three ways seems decadent enough for your needs, and it has a lovely lounge.

          I second Elyssa about PS7 - perfect drinks and apps place.