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Portland, where's the SeaFood???

GF and i will be in Portland next week for a night. we've been to (and Loved) 555 where we did snacks at the bar one night and the Tasting Menu the next.

so, last night we checked out the menus at Hugo's, Cinque Terre, and a couple of others and were surprised that most places have only a smattering of seafood choices.

we'd really like to find someplace in Old Port (or very close) that has a greater variety of seafood on the menu. i mean Portland harbor is a working fishing port, right?

we'd be looking for up(ish)-scale or fine dining, no 'family' or 'shack' type joints please.


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  1. Hey, Scuba Steve, that is why we have this site for guys like you to ask !!!
    Old Port Sea Grill on Commercial St is wonderful. Also, Street & Co is one of the best but you will need a resv. Hope this helps you so let us know what happened !!!!!

    1. It's an interesting dilemma. Portland, as it turns out, is less a working fishing port than you might think, since for a variety of reasons, most of our fleet is now calling Gloucester home. That's not to say that there isn't plenty of quality fish around. I'd agree with irwin's Street & Co. recommendation: nothing except fish, and one of Portland's best restaurants overall: if you haven't dined there, you've missed a wonderful meal. There's not much in the middle range between the fine dining places and the shacks, but I'd observe as well that all Portland's better places will have multiple items on the menu at any given point. Frequently, they won't be found on the on-line menus because they treat them as specials, changing depending on what's available. Places that seem to me to have more offerings than most would include Bresca, and Caiola's.

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        This question has been batted around before. My answer is the same. There is no "fine dining" option for seafood. As far as I can tell, the poster wants fine dining or upscale and mentions Hugo's, 555 (the "Triple Nickel") and Cinque Terre, some of the finest dining Portland has to offer. I'm sorry but Street and Company is no where near this level of ambience, decor, presentation, wine list or any other element of "fine dining" as I do not consider fish served in the pan it was cooked upscale. That said, Street and Company has never really recovered from its loss of Abby, now owner and head chef of Caiola's, and is only "ok". Old Port Sea Grill also serves a mostly seafood menu but, again, not upscale or fine dining.

      2. irwin-
        i know all about this site, i'm quite active on the Boston Board. last September we did go to Old Port but only for oysters and beers as J's was just too sketch to hang around in. we'll give that place another look.

        does Street have a web site? Google is coming up with nothing but references and reviews. and Caiola's does not list their menu on it's site.

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          SS, I don't think either has a menu on line. And Noreaster and I will have to agree to disagree--no, Steet isn't quite as high on the elegance scale as 55 or Hugo's, but I've found the food consistently delicious, and I don't object at all to one of their signature dishes, pan-cooked sole, coming to the table in the pan. It's owned by the same restaurateur as Fore St.

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            I have had some great meals at Street, have always enjoyed the whole fish. However, my recent experiences over the past couple of years have been inconsistent. I am sad, believe me, as I used to frequent them almost weekly a few years back. The discussion, it seemed to me, was related to fine dining which it clearly is not. The "food in the pan" made famous by the No Name in the South End twenty years ago is kinda played out and as casual as it comes. Dana Street, the restaurateur you refer, has been approached to create a new seafood restaurant, hopefully more upscale, whenever they get around to expanding the pier project...

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              Mainemal: I also love the pan-cooked sole at Street & Co. I think its nice and different for that signature dish coming to the table in a pan. Its definately not as classy as 555, but totally different, and again both are very successful.

          2. Street & Company doesn't have a website, but are mentioned on the Fore St site at http://www.forestreet.biz/en/Other-Re.... Also, Fore Street usually has quite an extensive seafood offering. Street & Company is good, but if you're looking for a comparable "555" experience, Fore St would be my recommendation.

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              Fore Street is not in consideration for reasons not associated with food/ambiance/service/pricing. thanks though.

            2. SS - If you there during the day, do all in your power to get the Duck Confit Panini at Duckfat! Transcending is the only word that comes to mind.

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                oh don't worry. Duck Fat is already on the books for Saturday lunch. but i have my mind set on the Poutine.

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                  If you enjoy Duck Confit, you have order both. It's not like we have a Duckfat in Boston, splurge man.

              2. Scuba, when I'm up there, the one place I gravitate to for seafood is Street & Co. on 33 Wharf Street. You should also throw in Gritty McDuff's and 3 Dollar Dewey's just for character. Chow On!

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                  we're down with Gritty's. we're staying at the Hotel about two blocks away. wel within Stumblin' Distance.

                  hey, about Gritty's; what's the deal with the mashed potatoes and gravy? when last there it seemed like every fourth person at the bar was sitting in front of a big steaming bowl of 'em. it looked good.

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                    That and a beer, now that's comfort Down Maine style!

                  2. Great site for trips to Portland...www.portlandfoodmap.com

                    I can't recommend Cinque Terre because of both mediocre food AND service.

                    ..and although it's definitly not seafood-focused, Bresca is HOT and the buzz is real good. Too good...I could not get a table at 5:30 on a Wednesday when calling a week in advance. But they do have a small bar.

                    I guess I would recommend Street & Co. even though it leans casual ...but it IS a puzzle, the lack of great, seafood-focused restaurants in such a city.

                    I know it's not what you are looking for but if you find time for sushi in your short visit...please try Miyake on Spring St..I think you will enjoy.

                    Also, perhaps you could stop at Harbor Fish Market before you head out of town...an amazing selection of fresh fish, shellfish...although they are closed Sunday if you are staying Sat. night.

                    So much food and drink, so little time. Let us know about your trip!

                    1. Take a look at the new Greek restaurant in town, Emilitsa, which has gotten super reviews. I haven't been there yet but all the Greek places in NYC feature many varieties of fish and shellfish.

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                        I've been to Emilitsa, which is very nice indeed, but has a relatively limited menu. There was one seaford first, and one entre, the night I was there recently, in addition to taramasalata (with two other dips) on the appetizer menu.

                        1. re: mainemal

                          Sorry to hear posts about Street & Co being inconsistent since they lost their chef. Altho we haven't been there recently, we used to go regularly and thought it had the best, freshest seafood in Portland. Has it really fallen that far?

                      2. My husband and I only go to Portland every once in a while, but we enjoy DiMillo's. It's a converted boat, and while not gourmet, it is a decent place with lots of seafood options.

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                          Its a bit north, but I always like hitting Harraseeket Lobster up in Old Freeport.. more of a picnic-table, lobster roll scene though. Beautiful view..

                          1. re: mainemal

                            not yet, it's this Friday/Saturday that we're heading up.

                          2. SS, part of Chronicle's show tonight is on the Portland dining scene. Doubt you'll get too much out of it, but I wanted to mention it. Might get you fired up for your trip...


                            1. ok, so we braved the storm friday and made pretty good time arriving in Portland right around noon.
                              after checking into the PHH we headed to Gritty's for a couple of pints, which were Very Good. we again braved the cold nastiness outside and walked to the Old Port Sea Grill where oysters were the order of the day and we had a dozen of various lineage and all were excellent examples of their breed.

                              dinner that night at 555 was a bit disappointing (we did the tasting menu.) don't get me wrong, it was all Very Good and service was spot on. the only thing that really stood out to me was an amuse of steak and truffle on a potato chip, i could of eaten a bunch more of these. during the tasting menu we had a scallop thing with mushroom and a beef-type reduction sauce that was meh, a pan fried turbot filet that while decent the filet was so thin as to not carry too much flavor. there was also a sorbet amuse of passion fruit and another of grapefruit that even though served in the tiniest of cup was pretty intense flavor wise. we also had a salt cod salad with sprouts and radishes that was also 'just ok.'

                              i suppose if we had not had our expectations up (they Really Wowed us on our last visit) we would of enjoyed the meal more. i guess 555 peaked for us then.

                              saturday we had lunch at DuckFat where i had the poutine and the GF had the meatloaf panini. the poutine was decent although after a while the taste became one-dimensional, i think if i had asked them to toss in some confit it would made the dish more dynamic. the meatloaf panini was decent, but nothing to rave about. the fries were Awesome though.

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                                Sounds like a few dozen of those steak and truffle on a chip would have gone nice with the pints at Gritty's.

                                1. re: ScubaSteve

                                  Awwww man, no Duck Confit Panini? Booooooooooo.

                                  A mound of Poutine is apt to get one dimensional after awhile. Should of gone with both and then you coulda ditched the fries once you got sick of them.

                                  1. re: mjg0725

                                    i know, but i've not had poutine in such a long time. oh well, we'll be going up again once the summer comes.

                                  2. re: ScubaSteve

                                    I agree completely about 555. Nice experience ... but no WOW. You still get that at Hugo's.

                                  3. Went to Front Room, menu had a couple of seafood dishes, but they also had 3 specials that were all seafood. Our meals - salmon and rose fish - were terrific, and reasonably priced. Might be worth calling to see if they've decided on specials if someone is looking for seafood. Much more casual and bistro like than 555, but quality of food is very high.
                                    Sorry to hear about your experience at 555.