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Mar 19, 2008 06:32 AM

Last Minute Atlanta

I'll be staying in midtown and haven't been to Atlanta in years so I have little or no knowledge of the restaurant scene. I am looking for fine or quasi fine dining restaurants for dinners (3 total) within cab distance of 14th and Peachtree. Restaurants can't be excessively loud or tables piled on top of each other and preferably American, Italian or French. For lunch or breakfast, on the other hand, anything goes as I will be dining solo and couldn't care less about such factors if the food is excellent. Ethnic, funky, memorable hole in the wall, or just plain fun but with a serious emphasis on food quality most preferred.

Any help appreciated!


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  1. if you have deep pockets, bacchanalia is very close to where you'll be (14th & howell mill). - if you're willing to travel a little into buckhead, kyma is a great choice (greek seafood) -

    for lunch, try papi's on ponce ( for some incredible cuban and mu lan on juniper ( for some great chinese. there is a shop attached to bacchanalia as well (called star provisions) that has fantastic sandwiches and such (like cupcakes, mmm). if you're in the mood for southern, try mary mac's tea room, also on ponce ( if sushi is your thing, check out the funky ru san's ( taqueria del sol ( is in the same parking lot as star provisions and good for a quick lunch (just get there early to avoid the line).

    1. DINNER:
      * Table 1280 at the Woodruff Arts Center, Peachtree & 15th (might be a bit loud), not sure of the quality as the chefs have changed much lately
      * Trois at 1180 Peachtree & 14th (Excellent new French, beautiful room)
      * Nan at Spring and 17th (Excellent, upscale Thai)
      * Ecco at 7th and Cypress (Upscale Mediterranean, great cheese and house-cured meats, excellent wine list)
      * Bacchanalia, as mentioned, is outstanding, perhaps the best in Atlanta.
      * Restaurant Eugene, Peachtree near PTree Battle -- one of the best interpretations of Southern in town, sexy and quiet.
      * Oceanaire -- Peachtree and 12th, upscale seafood chain
      * South City Kitchen -- Nice casual new Southern, Crescent and 14th.
      * Park 75, Four Seasons Hotel, 14th St.
      * Silver Skillet, 14th across the interstate from Midtown, classic meat-and-three diner
      * West Egg, 14th and Howell Mill -- funky breakfast & brunch
      * The Vortex, Peachtree & 8th -- great burgers, punk rock attitude
      * Quattro, Piedmont and 12th -- good, simple, relatively healthy Italian lunch fare, sit outside if the weather's nice
      * Palmeras -- hole-in-the-wall Cuban family restaurant, 5th b/w Charles Allen & Argonne

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        Thank you both for your prompt replies! I made reservations for tonight at Bacchanalia. I haven't yet decided on Thursday and Friday but you've offered much *food* for thought ;-).


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          Also look at Enoteca Carbonari and Repast.