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Mar 19, 2008 06:26 AM

Reserving basement rooms at Congee Village

Has anyone held a gathering in one of Congee Village's over-the-top Versailles-meets-Chinatown basement rooms?

I know reservations can be iff-y here - can anyone recommend a banquet manager type contact who might be able to ensure that things run somewhat according to plan?

Also - ordering in advance... anyone done it w/ success?

To complicate matters this event has to go down on a Saturday night...and there will be around 12 guests.

Thanks so much for sharing what you know...

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  1. I have been in those rooms and have always reserved in advance both for the room and the food. Never have had a problem with eaither. It's nice with the karoke which some of my friends like and the food is good. Plus the privacy is nice. Service always tends to be good too. One of my favorite places in Chinatown in a private room setting.

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      sorry to butt in here, but is there someplace with a similar set-up to Congee? We did Congee last time for a party so I have to find some place new.

      As for Congee the reservation was made in adance but not the food. Wasnt a problem except they couldnt serve us the pigeon. Drinks couldnt come fast enough either, but thats another story.

    2. My extended family went through a phase where we would always go to a private room at congee for any gatherings. We always reserved ahead of time but never ordered in advance. They always have those set menus for large groups where you can just pick a "prix-fixe" for so many people and we switched out any few dishes we didn't like.

      When I once tried to do it with friends, they told me over the phone that I had to order a minimum of $400 (or some amount around there) to be in the room so we ended up just doing a big table in the back of the dining room. I'm not sure if it was the same when I went w/family since I wasn't getting the bill.

      Drinks did get slow but well worth the price. Whenever they brought us a new round, we would just order the next immediately. They have delicious lychee martinis and only $4!

      1. In response to both your posts. I have also been to Golden Bridge in a private room and that was nice too. The main dining room is huge, but they have several private rooms.

        Yes the minimum food order for a private room at Congee is $400. We did not have a problem with that since every time we went it was for a special occasion and the food was great. We had really good dishes and soup, more of the expensive items like seafood and such, besides what you can't finish can be brought home. We doggy bagged lots of things and it was not a problem.