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Favorite dishes at Rod Dee brookline

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Hi, I am planning a thai dinner for several people tonight, love thai food, curious to what are board favorites at Rod Dee. Thanks

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  1. I think their Pad See Ew is excellent. Wide noodle dish with broccoli and egg, and your choice of meat. You may know this, but their website has some photos of their dishes...mouth watering! http://www.roddeethai.com/index.php

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      I agree. I get their Pad See You just about every time I go there.

      *edited to add: I like their Drunken Chicken too, and since Rod Dee is on the rotation of places my company sometimes orders lunch from, I BEG them to include Pad See You with every order . Then I laugh as all the Thai-phobes in my office (I work with a bunch of balogna-sandwich types) turn their nose up at the concept of ordering any type of Asian food that is not BadChinese, and get seconds!!

    2. Their Yum (yam?) Seafood is amazing...Big plate of poached seafood with fiery sauce and a few veggies; less that the normal Thai yums....And it's the only place whose pad thai I'll eat, besides my own...

      1. boat noodle soup. usually on the specials board

        1. Their rice plate with ginger and scallions is delicious. I usually get it with chicken. Also their dumplings (similar to peking ravioli) are yummy and come in a delicious brown sauce with broccoli and carrots - almost a meal by themselves!

          1. I haven't been in a few years since I don't work in the area any more, but used to get the Pad Paradise there. It is a rice dish with shrimp and chicken, vegetables, cashews and a great spicy sauce. I still think about it sometimes and can't wait to have it again someday.

            1. Pad Kee Mow, wide rice noodles stir fried with a brown sauce and vegetables (and your choice of meat or tofu, I usually get chicken). Always a bit different depending on the greens they have that day but always good. They toss in a jalapeno sliced lengthwise, which can be easy to miss but you'll notice once you start chewing one.

              1. One of my absolute favorites there is the steamed chicken on garlic rice. You wouldn't think it by looking at it, but it is incredibly delicious, the rice cooked in the chicken broth and garlic, the chicken itself flavorful, but then served with a fantastic sauce on top. It is also served, as is traditional, with a winter melon soup which is also just great. This runs as a special on Thursdays IIRC, but I've seen it on other days as well.

                Rod Dee Noodles are another favorite of mine.

                Thai sausages, something you don't see often.

                Ooops and now I see I'm too late with my post, but will leave it anyway.