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Mar 19, 2008 05:15 AM

My friend is turning 21

We don't want to do the typical club thing, and we were looking for a place that all of us could go and enjoy. We are looking for somewhere unique and fun to go. Any suggestions?

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  1. if all or most can drink, I'd say PS7 or PX in old town.

    I love PS7 - it's very chill, the bartenders (especially the woman) are fantastic, and at happy hour, it's very reasonable with good food deals.

    1. You didn't mention a price-range. I think Jaleo would be a lot of fun...sangria and tapas is always a great way to celebrate.

      Also I went to Ceiba last night for happy hour and was reminded how good their drinks and food are. Nice atmosphere with great waiters and delicious (strong) drinks.

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        the sangria at jaleo is good - but the sangria at olives trumps it.
        it's sssooo good.

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          Also, each week night, Ceiba has a different special theme... something like Cuban night, with $5 mojitos, and then a cuban themed free app that they hand out... each night is a different one... yum...

        2. What about going to one of the new wine bars? Cork or Proof maybe.

          1. I'm assuming that you're going out on a weekend night (noting the club). Personally, PX doesn't ring as "fun" to me. It has fantastic drinks and is certainly the primo choice for post-work meets, but the crowd and ambiance lend more to a certain... je ne sais quoi... I'd recommend hopping on one of those dinner and dancing boats, heading to La Tasca (yeah, I KNOW, but they have sangria + dancing and it's a really fun time), Korean BBQ, pitchers & billiards at the Lucky Hunt, seek out fondue, have a picnic, start off the night at the Arlington Cinema & Draft house, Blues Alley (the food is NOT the point here), etc. Less exciting, but equally delicious, food-centered dinners could include Landini's, Vidalia, Cafe Salsa (drinks + dancing here as well), Ethiopian in Adams Morgan, etc. Lots of options.

            1. Thanks to everyone... yea um its for a group of about ten, two of which aren't exactly of age yet. So I appreciate everyone's ideas, and will look into them. Does anyone know how strict Lucky Strike is? I'm 21, so it hasn't been an issue, but if you get the 20 and under crowd in before 9 does anyone know if its a big issue? Plus money isn't a big issue... in response to someone saying they weren't sure of the price range.

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                In terms of the age issue, you should be fine going to any restaurant since you will be ordering food as well.