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Mar 19, 2008 05:13 AM

Hungry Mother of Cambridge open!

Stopped by Hungry Mother of Cambridge ( last night for its opening night. We live around the corner and have been avidly watching all the renovation, waiting for something new to open in this space. We stopped by after the Mr. had class so we were just in for drinks and dessert. We were very excited to see their wine list, as this is something notably lacking at this end of Cambridge. The menu looked good, and there is an organic sustainable bent mixed with a southern flair. The bartender said they make everything in house, except the bread and perhaps the ketchup. Upon asking he noted that they buy half a cow regularly from a farm in New York, and the meat is grass-fed. The guy next to us at the bar was raving about the catfish as well. The Mr. and I enjoyed a glass of the Malbec and the Merlot, and we tried the chocolate pot de creme with cardamom which was tasty. I am definitely looking forward to going back and trying a full meal!

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  1. I took a look at the menu yesterday and was very interested. It is so nice to be presented with some really different choices. I have some questions for you.

    It sounds as if you dined at the bar. Is it a comfortable dining bar and is the full menu served at the bar?

    And then, the question that only seems to matter to me-- what does Hungry Mother sound like? What type of music are they playing? Vocals? Volume level, general noise, can you hold a semi-quiet conversation?

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      Indeed, we did sit at the bar. Quite comfortable. Probably 8 seats or so at an L-shaped bar, and two 4 tops in the front of the restaurant. Then you go up a short flight of stairs to get to the rest of the restaurant in back. There is a great nook in back, which it looks like they renovated to put a few small tables in, looks good for intimate dining. Up front in the bar area, the noise level was fine. Mellow mix of music, think jack johnson. At the bar there was some noise from what I assume was the dishwashing station behind the half-wall, but it was fine, just a few loud noises now and again, but never had to shout or talk too loudly. Could perfectly hear the person next to you. Might want to sit at an actual table if you wanted to have a private conversation but that is probably because everyone at the bar was friendly and curious to see who else in the neighborhood was out :) And yes a full menu was available at the bar. Right now the kitchen is open for dinner from 5-10, but they mentioned last night that they are thinking about a late nite menu as the bar is open until 1.

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        Thanks MidnightMG! Sounds like a fit for us. I'll put it on my "try it soon" list.

    2. Is this in the space that used to be the Kendall Cafe?

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      1. Can't get the dinner menu to come up on their site...

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          Depending on which browser you use, make sure pop-up windows are enabled for the site. All menus come up fine for me (using Firefox).

          1. re: digga

            OT: New laptop and I HATE Vista! I haven't yet downloaded Firefox but will do so now...

            1. re: Gabatta

              try pressing Ctrl when clicking on menus.

          2. re: Gabatta

            Not to mention its totally flash based. That's the surest sign of a loser operation.

          3. Heading over tomorrow night -- report to follow.

            1. Excited at the thought of being able to munch on peanuts while having drinks. Have not been able to do that since my Moan & Dove days in Amherst. Of course, if there is a good bar in Boston that offers free or cheap roasted in the shell peanuts, please do tell.