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Mar 19, 2008 05:05 AM

looking for a nice cafe/deli/market!!

I'm looking for a some type of upscale (but casual), gourmet market, deli, cafe type of place in MD, NoVa, or DC. Just a great, casual place to hang out at with good food and coffee! Any suggestions would be great!! I went to a place called Foster's Market in NC and haven't been able to find a similar place around here! thanks!

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  1. I've been to Foster's in NC! But it's been a long time....

    Would Dean and Deluca, say, do the trick? Or Balduccis?

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    1. re: mselectra

      thanks for the reply!! Dean and Deluca is close I suppose, and we frequent Balduccis a good bit too! I guess I was hoping for a more homey, casual feeling! Dean and Deluca's does work though! Thanks!!

      1. re: crayon

        i think some marvelous markets have space to sit...

        dunno if that is helpful at all though!

        1. re: Jeserf

          do you know of some marvelous markets? I'd love to find some!! I'm in MD, but will go to NoVa or DC anytime!!!

          1. re: crayon


            I've only been to the Dupont and Georgetown locations. The Dupont one doesn't have any seating, but the Georgetown one is fine for hanging out and they have a few tables outside too.

            1. re: hamster

              thanks!! will definitely check it out!!

            2. re: crayon

              the MM at 7th and C SE a block North of Penn has a large shady terrace with tables (and chairs even!)

      2. There is a little place in Bethesda called Cornicopia - not a coffee drinker, but it has coffee, italian/french gourmet groceries, gelatto, etc. tables inside and out

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        1. If you want to go more casual, and I mean casual, get to Burtonsville on Saturdays for the Amish farmer's market! It's more for buying than hanging out, but you can get lunches there, and excellent baked goods.