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Mar 19, 2008 04:21 AM

bday in no

hey y'all (especially hungry celeste, billhunt, jazzy b, you know who you are) need a local's advice on where to go for a birthday dinner and a dance after maybe, on april 1, and i promise to take your advice. nothing super fancy, just big easy fun. thanks

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  1. April 1st is a Tuesday night....I'd have dinner at Cochon, then head uptown to hear ReBirth at the Maple Leaf.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      you should definitely go to the Maple Leaf to hear ReBirth! They are fantastic! You should also grab a safety pin and pin a few dollar bills on your shirt. You will be amazed at how much money you make (and at how many people will wish you a Happy Birthday!)

      I hope you have a great one! :)

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        If your going to Maple Leaf, might as well have dinner at Jacques-Imo's. Fun atmosphere and right next door!

      2. If you end up at Jacquesimo's either go early or make a reservation. You have to have 6 people in your party for a reservation.

        1. What about Snug Harbor for some dinner and jazz?

          1. Now, you must know that I have not been a "local" in 30 years, even though I married a native.

            For many years, we found ourselves in NOLA for wife's birthdays. We always did Commander's Palace and got table #8 in the turret. We did this maybe 10 times.

            However, after last week's trip, I think I'd opt for Stella! I will do a full report by this weekend, and have to say THANKS to the CH folk for the initial rec.. Wow, did they ever get this one right!?!

            Dancing, huh? Well, I am not much of a dancer, though my wife is. I always point to the scar on my knee and plead off... I really cannot help you there - sorry.

            Just asked my wife the rhetorical question, "if we were in NOLA for your b'day, where would you want to eat?" "Stella!" was her answer.


            1. Several options depending on taste:

              1. Agree w/Hungry C on Maple Leaf, if you're feeling funky. Rather than Jacques Imo's, I'd try Dante's or Iris in the same neighborhood. Iris if its a romantic dinner for two, and Dante's if the group is larger.
              2. Agree with Snug Harbor for jazz (but no dancing there). Also, the food is not so good. Go next door to the Marigny Brasserie for very nice vino and dining. You can listen at Snug Harbor, or dance till your feet fall off at almost every other place on Frenchmen (Spotted Cat, DBA, Cafe Brazil, et al).
              4. Finally, you might consider the Rock N Bowl, and you could grab a bite at Mandina's beforehand.
              Good luck and happy B'Day!

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              1. re: jeffchow

                well, thank you guys, will post reports, can't wait