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Mar 19, 2008 03:13 AM


I will be meeting relatives from Calif in NYC this summer. They will be at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. I will be at the Helmsley on E. 42nd. They would like to have "authentic" NYC Italian. Can someone suggest a restaurant which will not max-out my Visa but still be pretty good? A 10 or so minute taxi ride is OK, too! THANKS!! (

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  1. I have a Sicilian friend that loves La Masseria, which would be about a 10-minute taxi ride....

    When you look at menu, you have to use your mouse to go over to the right, to see the prices...

    1. For solid New York Italian (as opposed to "authentic Italian Italian") at a reasonable price and just around the corner from the Marriott, I suggest Trattoria Trecolori, on W.47th between Broadway and 8th Ave. Good food, pleasant ambience (particularly if you avoid the pre-theatre hours), and the service is warm and accomodating.

      1. As an italian, I have to say I love Carmines. Although it is a little commercial, it reminds me of a big family holiday dinner. They serve family style, so its a perfect place for big parties. And the ice cream pirate ship is to die for! It is on 44th street and 8th avenue.

        1. Hi, Richard. I am not sure what you are looking to spend, so I will recommend the following in various price ranges PP, not including alcohol:
          1. A Voce, Madison Ave. @ 24th St. Modern upscale ambiance, among the best of current NY Italian hotspots, and very "authentic". European portions. Definitely need to make a reservation in advance. $70.
          2. Crispo, W. 14th St. More rustic, cozy feel with a lively bar scene. Classic Italian dishes in fairly large portions. A perennial favorite. I recommend you make reservation here, too, but definitely a must for weekends. $50.
          3. Trattoria Malatesta, corner of Christopher St. @ Washington St. Very casual, affordable taverna-style restaurant. Basic Italian fare, famous for their specialty, Spaghetti all Chitarra, which is inarguably their best pasta dish. Homey and a little bit crowded. Very limited wine list. No reservations, cash only. $35.

          Buon Appetito!

          1. Otto is great.
            Puttanesca is fantastic.
            Bond 45 is delish too!