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Mar 18, 2008 10:17 PM

Mesa, AZ: Need casual catering and/or personal chef suggestions

I'm throwing a casual party for 20 and I will need to provide lunch and dinner but won't be able to do any cooking during the party. I'd like to get sandwiches for lunch, but I don't want to use Blimpie/Subway/etc. - I want something good. I also don't know of anyone who will deliver sandwiches and the delivery part of the equation is key. For dinner, it could be as simple as someone cooking us up burgers as long as they were delicious burgers cooked as requested.

The main criteria would be delivery, not too fancy and tasty. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If anyone has tried the following places, I would love to hear how it turned out:

Joe's Real BBQ
Tia Rosa's
Los Dos Molinos
Teakwood's Tavern

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  1. My favorite lunch spot is Essence Bakery Cafe in Tempe... sounds like a match for what you're looking for: great sandwiches, salads, home-baked breads and delicious desserts. I know they cater, don't know if they deliver, though.

    1. I'm not totally sure about their delivery policy, but I've used Chompie's in Tempe in the past and have always loved their sandwiches and salads.

      1. AJ's= fabulous groceries & really, really terrible catering.

        Joe's Real BBQ- if you like their stuff, the catering definitely is consistent and a crowd pleaser.

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          Joe's BBQ catered my ASU graduation several years ago - everyone loved it, and it's definitely casual. I'm not sure if they deliver or not, so that may be an issue.

        2. I feel you have a few good options here....Arcadia Farms (excellent food and "class act" catering) Grainbelt Grillhouse (has a menu with a wide variety, the manager Diana is great!) Flancer's Cafe (what's not to like and really nice people, as well)

          Let us know how it all turns out!

          Grainbelt Grillhouse
          302 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

          Arcadia Farms Restaurant
          7014 East First Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85251