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Mar 18, 2008 09:36 PM

Korean restaurant for dinner Friday night

Have been searching the board, but cannot seem to find many recommendations for Korean restaurants. We want to dine Friday night on really good Korean food. We will be visiting from the San Francisco area. Location is not a big issue, as we are originally from LA and will have a car.


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  1. It has been covered extensively you just have to search some
    To get you started-

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    1. re: LaLa Eat

      Thank you, I will use these links.
      ps. I did use the LA board search and did not find either of these. I found many that mentioned just one restaurant and more in the vein of all favorite restaurants.

    2. these have alot of recs, but if you want something different and hard to find...go to one of my favorites, its called Ondal 2

      they serve kkot gae tang, which is a spicy korean crab stew...the owners are really nice, the banchan is really good and the place is awesome

      1. Korean food comes up pretty regularly, but the Chow search engine leaves a bit to be desired, so that's probably why you didn't find it.

        I would suggest Sa Rit Gol. The food will be fantastic. It's a pretty small restaurant and it's most definitely not fashionable or slick. The panchan will be outstanding, the service will be good, the seafood and scallion pancake is awesome, and all the other food will be great. Sa Rit Gol pretty regularly gets high marks on this board, though some other people prefer the more typical BBQ places that more easily allow you to bbq meat at your table and are slicker in appearance.

        1. Well, here's the thing.

          If you want barbecue, there are some options. If you want a nice, sit-down place that's white-people friendly and has some decor, go to Chosun Galbee. If you don't care so much about the ambiance and just want a place for really awesome barbecue, go to Park's BBQ. And if you want the whole experience, where you smell like the last bus out of the forest fire, go to Soot Bull Jeep.

          If you want dduk bo ssam (rice and radish wraps) you should go to Shik Do Rak. Their barbecue isn't transcendent the way Park's is, but the wraps are excellent.

          If you want dongchimi noodles, go to Corner Place, but be warned that you will not be permitted to leave with any food; they are very protective of their recipe.

          For soondubu jjigae (tofu stew), in my OH so humble opinion the best is at Beverly Tofu House, on the corner of Olympic and New Hampshire. They have the best stew. Directly across Olympic is Sokongdong, which is just slightly inferior (but still damn good and much, much better than anything you're going to get at something like BCD) but has much better panchan.

          I disremember the name of the mandu shop on 9th and Western, but it is next to BCD Tofu House (don't bother) and has excellent mandu, including wang mandu.

          And, of course, no trip to Koreatown could possibly be complete without a big bowl of bingsu (shaved ice with sweets and condensed milk) at Ice Kiss. And when I say a big bowl, I mean that it comes in a dog's water bowl. I swear I'm not making it up.

          Finally, for the after-dinner soju and beer drinking, I suggest either Toe Bang on 6th and Alexandria for their cucumber soju, or go to Palm Tree LA (Wilshire & New Hampshire) because they have the best anju (drinking snacks).

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