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Apr 24, 2002 12:12 PM

WATER GRILL in downtown LA

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It probably will come as no surprise to anyone who has been there before that THE WATERGRILL was spectacular, last night! It has been contantly rated by Zagat and others as the Best Seafood in LA, which is well deserved. Last nights dinner consisted of the CHEF'S SPECIAL TASTING MENU of Seven Courses. We started with a half doz incredible OYSTERS on the Half,Now for the tasting menu: Lobster-caviar and 3 sauces, next Foie Gras seared in Cake flower and also Torchon w/dates, next Candied Beets with Artic Char Belly, next Black Sea Bass, next Big Eye Tuna seared rare, next multi cheese platter w/ fruit, next Keylime brulee. THE END! It was fantastic, and a bargain for 85-(it would have been 200- at The French Laundry). We're already planning our next visit.

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  1. The Water Grill can be very good although I have had undercooked fish there when they were busy. But on normal nights I haven't had any issues. They don't compare to the French Laundry though, not even close.


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    1. re: casper

      Where's the French Laundry????

      1. re: Ralph

        Yountville, CA. It's next to impossible to get a reservation. You have to call and call and call. The signal is always busy. You can make reservations two months prior (reservations can be made by phone only). If you are lucky enough to get through the busy signal, the only reservation that you will get (if there are any left) is for exactly two months from the date you called. For example, I could not call today, April 24th, and get a reservation for June 23rd. They would already by booked! It is total madness, but according to people who have eaten there, worth the trouble.


        1. re: Samantha

          No question ,the French Laundry is worth the trouble. Try faxing your reservation request, its faster and you will probably get something earlier then 2 months.

      2. re: casper

        The six person group I was with at the Water Grill last night have all been to the "LAUNDRY" many times, so have we, excess of TWENTY Times including the 16 course at least half of that! Thomas and I have shared several pics together through out the years starting at Checkers in LA to present, there is no ? he is a brilliant CHEF and once even worked at another favorite of our, Talievant in Paris. We all agreed WG was very close with their food last night which was a BIG surprise to all.

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          Wow - you're the real deal, huh? You don't mess around, you down with it, and know the score. You know what time it is, which way is up and you really, really, really, really LOVE JOSIES!!!!

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            To be able to fairly compare any restaurant to the Laundry you have to order a tasting menu. It is not a fair comparison to order full portions and expect the same impact as a 2 bite sample. Not every restaurant (Patina included) can wow you with 2 bites but it is easier to make 2 bites exciting than every bite of a 12 oz. serving. Loosely quoted, Brillat Savarin once said that anything more than 2 bites is satiation. I am going to put Water Grill on my very short list to try. If 2 people are dining, will they serve the tasting menu for only one? My wife does not eat fish, do they have enough menu items other than fish so that she can have a nice dinner too? Great review.

            1. re: Just Larry

              JL there's a problem. The Water Grill is almost exclusively fish so you may have to find someone else to dine there with or take your wife to dinner somewhere else first. They will do the Tasting Menu for TWO. My wine group was still talking about it yesterday while at lunch at Golden Truffle.

              1. re: russkar

                Where and what is the Golden Truffle please.

                1. re: Zoe

                  The Golden Truffle Restaurant is in Costa Mesa in OC. The food is unbelievable and Caribbean influenced. I eat fri lunch there year around, very addictive food.

        2. Thanks for making the decision for me as to where I will celebrate a rather large/important birthday in July - the Water Grill is the chosen Temple of Celebration. A wonderful report.

          1. You are right; it is no surprise that the Water Grill was spectacular. It is our favorite downtown restaurant. The only restaurant of its kind that I have been to that holds a candle to it (in my opinion) is Aqua in San Frncisco. We couldn't get away for our anniversary earlier this year so we spent the night in a lovely suite at the Biltmore and had a fabulous dinner at Water Grill. Many years ago, I had a summer UNIVAC data entry job with Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co. Little did I know that I would one day be dining in such a wonderful restaurant in that same building.