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Mar 18, 2008 07:59 PM

Help! Added too much salt to tomato sauce

Can you please help me? By accident I added too much salt to a tomato sauce I was using to make lasagna. Any ideas?

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  1. sugar may help. Add gradually and taste

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    1. re: livetocook

      That was gonna be my recommendation. If you haven't cooked the noodles yet, you might cook them without salt. I normally cook pasta with quite a bit of salt, but tone it down when I'm using salted commercial ingredients, like when I make my version of "the blue box." I find this really helps the finished dish (if I can call it a dish, lol).

    2. sometimes adding something like potatoes to the sauce will absorb some of the salt..just remove them after some time

      1. I have also heard that you add a potato to absorb salt and then discard potato

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        1. re: sarah galvin

          Potatoes don't magically absorb just the salt.

          Potatoes absorb liquid, same as a sponge would. Same as just ladeling out some of the liquid. You are left with less liquid and exactly the same % of salt in the solution.

        2. Adding potatoes to a dish to remove salt is a Kitchen Myth... debunked long ago.It does not work. I'm somewhat surprised it still lingers...anyway....
          The only way to make your tomato sauce less salty, and maintain it's original integrity is to make another batch with no salt and mix the two together.

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          1. re: Uncle Bob

            My advise too, make some more to dilute the mother batch, but then add some sugar (only a tsp) and red wine for acid.

            1. re: chef chicklet

              ditto on uncle bob and chef chicklet.

              1. re: alkapal

                I tried potato and adding more tomatoes. Something worked (most likely latter, possible former).

                1. re: SarahKC

                  i've never had success with potatoes removing excess salt from a dish.

          2. I've had this problem, and what I do is, slowly add brown sugar, tasting as I go, then add a bit of garlic and parsley mix (not the salt, but, the actual garlic) again, gradually adding and tasting, and then just a 1/2 tsp of sage (powdered preferably). Try that, it worked fantastically for me, hope it works for you as well!