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Mar 18, 2008 07:16 PM

Dinner for 6 in Upper Valley (NH, VT)

We are planning a get together with 3 couples in the Quechee area. We will probably do Simon Pearce for one lunch, and I am looking for dinner suggestions. I'd like to try Prince & the Pauper, but I'm afraid we might be too loud for it. Is it a couples only quiet romantic type of place?

Also considering...Allechante, Parker House, and Quechee Inn. Hanover, Woodstock, Quechee, Windsor--please give me suggestions!

Dinner isn't until April, so I think I have some time.



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  1. try "pane e salute" on central st. in woodstock - though they may be closed for the month of april (to visit italy). the prince & the pauper is much too stuffy for a loud crowd...allechante is not open for dinner. steer way clear of the barnard inn in barnard. good luck - you'll need it.

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      I agree about pane e saulte- also we heard that simon pearce may be closing this april for a bit as well.

      You will need to do some research on who will be open

    2. A fun place where you can certainly be a little louder is Skunk Hollow in Hartland. A small place with good food and often times live music may be fun for a group of couples.

      1. Reggiano,

        See the post I just did on Hemingway's in Killington, which was a 20-minute drive from Woodstock, where we stayed that night. Our B&B is owned by slow food folks, so they appeared very tuned into the local food scene. They highly recommended Pane e Salute, which we would have gone to had we not been in the mood for things other than Italian (which is easier to find where we live in midcoast Maine, but they did not have great things to say about the Prince and the Pauper: I believe the innkeeper's comment was that it had gotten a bit staid and stodgy, the menu and the ambience. They also highly recommended Mangowood, I think it was called, which is also in Woodstock. They said the owner was from Southeast Asia and did great fusion-type cuisine, completely unexpected in that neck of the woods. As for loudness at dinner, we were a bit noisy at Hemingway's, but we were seated at a table kind of set apart, right in front of a fireplace. A good time was had by all.