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Mar 18, 2008 05:38 PM

MoMo Italian Specialties--Dallas

Occaisionaly I have to travel to Dallas on business and I do my very best to try and make it to MoMo's. I have never left there without thinking: "If only this place was in a different location it would be packed and I'm sure on everyone's Best Of Dallas list".

The location (Greenville and Forest Lane) is a strip center and it's next to a nail salon. If you didn't know it was there you would miss it for sure. It's full most days for lunch (mostly because it's right outside the gates of Texas Instruments) but it's not uncommon for me to have most of the place to myself on a weeknight.

This is NOT your typical NY/NJ--Tony Soprano type Italian. In fact you must go to the website and read the "We apologize....We're Italian" article that descibes why the menu looks more like something in Rome or Florence than Little Italy.

The food and service are outstanding. They don't have a liquor licence but you are welcome to BYOB. If I lived in Dallas I would do my best to partner with the owners and move it to Plano or Addison or Highland Park where it would get the crowds and accolades it deserves.

So Texas Chowhounds, jump in here and help spread the word. If you've been, Am I right about this place? If you've never been. Make the trip and report back.

I'm pretty sure you'll leave with the same feeling I do everytime--WOW!

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  1. So, is this place related to the other Momo's?

    The menus look quite similar. How does the food compare?

    1. Momo's was very popular for quite a long time after it opened. That was a good 20+ years ago. It was quite a chain during it's heyday and they did serve beer and wine back then. There is a related location that is in Highland Park on Knox that is no longer owned by the same people. There were also other locations in Addison, etc. that have probably closed.

      They must have improved quite a bit, because the food and service had become pretty iffy over time.

      The last time I ate there was for lunch about 5 years ago. A waiter dropped a salad on the floor and it was left there for our entire lunch. The restaurant was only half full and the staff just stood around as if the thought of actually cleaning the mess up had not occurred to them. That was pretty much it for me.

      1. I too used to eat there for lunch quite often when I worked over there some years back - must be about 7 years ago. I remember it to be a decent meal at that location and liking the food better than the one at the Park Cities location. However, I haven't been back since. There is too much Italian food competition now i suppose and restos with better locations than Greenville/Forest. But i might give it a whirl for lunch.

        1. I've always kinda liked that MOMOs for the funky location and BYOB and serviceable Italian food. IWe've been going for 18yrs or so, but haven't been in a while. Given the dearth of good Italian in Dallas, I think is pretty decent for the money.

          1. I ate at MoMos for the last time two years ago when I was served a salad that had spoiled. No more MoMos for me.... not in a town that has so many other fabulous Italian spots.