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Mar 18, 2008 05:21 PM

Cheap & Good Sushi on UWS

I'm looking for a sit down sushi place on the UWS (70s, 80s or low 90s; West End-Amsterdam or Columbus) or West Village. It needs to be reasonable and yummy for dinner. I'd prefer if they had great sashimi and they have rolls that are wrapped in cucumber without rice. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. While some may argue cheap and good sushi an oxymoron, I think there is a happy medium to be found in Sushi Hana, Amsterdam and I think 83rd and 84th. Haru is a little better but considerably more expensive. That place on Columbus around 80th is also very good but more expensive. Sushi Hana is a very nice space, very comfortable and I always enjoy going there. Don't know about the cucumber without rice thing.

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      Sushi Hana definitely has the "cucumber without rice thing"

      I'll throw a vote for Tenzan on 74th/Columbus - great value and sushi is fine - not memorable, but good.

    2. I like Haku and Yuki. Haku is on 89th and Broadway and Yuki is on 92nd and Amsterdam. Yuki might be a bit less expensive.

      1. Tenzan is my personal favorite on the UWS. It's always fresh, and inexpensive. They also let you sit for a while & don't bother you. For the best experience, sit either upstairs or downstairs, not at street level.

        1. +1 on Tenzan. I'm in the camp of those who believe that cheap & good sushi is an oxymoron, but I'll give Tenzan cheap and acceptable for the price.