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Mar 18, 2008 05:15 PM

Galpin Restaurant on Roscoe

Any reviews on the Restaurant at the Galpin Auto Dealership? It's a diner and looks interesting as I wizz on by.

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  1. It is all right, definitely nothing overly chow-worthy, yet some of the dishes are actually fairly good. Used to drive an 80-year old to VA in North Hills, and he liked to stop there. Is a wide array of folks there, from those getting their cars serviced, to business people for breakfast or lunch, as well as many of the Galpin personnel. Definitely priced fairly for coffee shop fare.

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    1. re: carter

      How's the wine list? LOL, I'm just cracking up picturing you eating at Galpin, Carter.

    2. The breakfasts used to be better than average. For several years we met friends there on weekends and sat to eat in the hilarious mirrored conference room at the back of the diner. They had wonderful corn pancakes, pork chops, a surprisingly high quality lox and bagel plate, and some delicious home fries. Can't say if it's still the same breakfast menu. Lunch and dinner were not so hot.

      1. I'm just amused its there. When we arrived in LA 10 years ago, we bought a used car from Galpin, and they comped our meal in the restaurant while they detailed the car for us.

        It's basic coffee-shop fare.