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Mar 18, 2008 05:08 PM

Vegan Chinese

Someone mentioned in a previous post that they did not see any vegan Chinese in NY that is frequented by non-Jews. Recently we have been going to Happy Buddah in Queens:

This place is amazing! I really thought after keeping kosher that I would never have dim sum again- I even started making my own kosher variations at home. With Happy Buddha I feel like I can finally have good Chinese again, and the prices are so reasonable. We had a pan fried noodle with veg and dim sum, also a Char siu bao- that I would have swore was made with meat.

A meal at Happy Buddah and then a day at In Spa World-

Many Hassidum are finding there way to In Spa World.

I can't think of anything better.

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  1. Is Happy Buddha kosher-certified? If so, by whom? It certainly looks like a pleasant place to eat, from the photos.

    1. They are kosher certified, there is a certificate at the entrance, unfortunately I do not remember the details. It is the cleanest Chinese restaurant I've ever been to, kosher or otherwise, and the service was excellent.

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        I.M. Steinberg, according to a quick web search.

      2. Buddha Bodei on mott street in chinatown is always filled with non-jews and is kosher chinese vegan - also rabbi steinberg.