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Mar 18, 2008 04:58 PM

Need advice on a snack walk around waterfront

coming into town with my girlfriend for lunch at sel de la terre. wanted to explore around the area with plenty of fun snacks on the way. the thing is i only work in boston and live in worcester, i don't know the city that well. any suggestions? thanks to all.

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  1. Even folks from Worcester have to know about Quincy Market and the North End.

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      Sounds like a nice way to spend the day. I agree with the North End suggestion. For snacks, I would first grab something at Umberto's then head to one of the bakeries (Modern, Maria's, or Mike's).

    2. Don't forget to stop for a gelato on Hanover st... or some bakalava in Fanieul Hall

      1. Are you coming by car or train (will you take the T), will you be here for a weekend or just a few hours?

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          hmm... the plan is as such: car in, park in chinatown, take T to SDLT, have lunch, then walk around for snacks and hang out until dinner time appointment in chinatown again.

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            If it is a nice afternoon, walking to SDLT from Chinatown is not that far.

            You might also want to try the ICA. Really good musuem, even if is a little sparse for installations. I wouldn't recommend the Wolfgang Puck cafe that is located in the musuem, but a drink and free ritz crackers with whipped cheese spread at Anthony's Pier 4 next door is not a bad way to spend part of the afternoon, plus Anthony's will be torn down eventually, so you might want to visit now while you have the chance. Really Old Boston.

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              Ok, thanks. I agree that walking from Chinatown to SDLT would be a good way to sightsee if the weather is nice.

              After lunch I'd head for the North End, if it's a Saturday you could walk by the big produce market by Faneuil Hall and then go across to Hannover Street. Two places I'd recommend stopping at while walking around the North End are Neptune Oyster (great oysters) and Cafe Vittorio (coffee drinks and desserts).

              If you still have time I'd then head back to Chinatown through Beacon Hill, I'll recommend a wine bar there that has good food -- Bin 26 Enoteca. Finally, back by Chinatown there's Jacob Wirth's, one of the oldest restaurants in town with great German beers and a great old time atmosphere (not so good food though).

              Have a great trip (BTW, reading through this I realize that it's not truely by the waterfront, still what I'd do though).