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Mar 18, 2008 03:27 PM

Everyday Food Magazine - did IT change or did I?

I am reevaluating a magazine subscription right now. My April issue of Everyday Food arrived yesterday with a “Last Issue Alert” included, and I’m trying to remember the last time I got excited about any of their recipes.

Did I change, or did Everyday Food change?

I’ve been getting the magazine since it’s first issue. I would hurriedly scan through it and mark the recipes that I wanted to make. Then I’d put it down and get back to it, perhaps making a recipe in the meantime. My second time through, I’d go cover to cover, examining the pages more deeply and removing the recipes that I really planned to make someday, to save them inside a sheet protector that I’d store in a big 3-ring binder of the keepers.

I know what you are thinking, just look at the title! Everyday Food! Well, duh! But for some reason, I think it is more everyday and plain Jane now than it was. I just about lost it when I saw the recipes for a romaine salad and a breaded pork chop. Isn’t the point of getting a magazine to learn to cook new and interesting things? Then I was completely offended by the recipe for silver-dollar pancake sundaes with chocolate hazelnut sauce. When it comes right down to it, that recipe is Nutella, Biscuick, and Bryers.

Okay, I’ll admit that the whole issue wasn’t like that. They devoted a page to saffron – but only used it in one recipe. It was a basic risotto that they gave a few variations of, one of which was Milanese (with saffron). There was a beef satay, but I don’t generally eat beef. There was a cherry-lime jam, but with frozen cherries?

I guess it’s time to just let go.

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  1. We're in the same boat. I've been a subscriber since the first issue and used to really enjoy it. I dug up some old issues and started looking at some of my old favourites. Recently, there have been few if any things that I've been motivated to try.

    The recipes were never "exotic" or that innovative but they were reliable and leaning towards classic with some twists. Now I can't help but feel like they've gone a little "semi'-homemade" like Sandra Lee. Definitely plain Jane.

    Since the magazine started my tastes have evolved and I've been cooking more complex things but at the end of the day I really think that the magazine and I have drifted into different directions.

    I got my renewal card in the mail a few weeks ago and I won't be sending it back. And I'm ok with that.


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      That's funny. I was thinking of comparing the slide of the magazine to the slide of the Food Network. It's all gone to the "just getting by" category instead of the new and interesting.


    2. I'll second that. It seems that there have been alot of 'repeats' lately AND it seems like every other issue is a 'Special Light Issue'---which I don't have a prob with light and healthful cooking it just gets pretty repetitive.

      I always get a chuckle over the 'After school Snacks section'---its always something like Cheese and Crackers---I mean really a recipie for Cheese and crackers?

      I won't renew either...time to find a new magazine....

      1. What about the microwave "BBQ" chicken?! I could not believe they included this, but then again, I do not like the flavor of microwaved meat.

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        1. re: bookwormchef

          And was one of the ingredients "jar of BBQ sauce?"

          1. re: bookwormchef

            I don't like the flavor of microwaved meat either. Blech.

          2. I think this happens eventuallly to all food mags. There are only so many ways you can prepare "everyday" food. I used to get Cooking Light but gave up the subscription after four years when it became apparent that there was nothing new under the sun. One year the African veg stew used peanuts and chickpeas, then a couple of years later a similar recipe for an African soup used peanut butter and kidney beans. Heck, I can figure that kind of substitution out by myself!

            Now I get Cooks Illustrated and will stick with that till it runs through it's recipe cycle.

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            1. re: coney with everything

              I feel exactly the way about Cooking Light. I got very into it in about 2003/2004 and enjoyed it for a few years but I've noticed the same thing about the recipes being repetitive. Even when you do a search online you'll get pretty much the same recipe for a certain type of dish with VERY minor changes. Not impressive.

              1. re: wontonfm

                Cooking LIght - see ya, is what I say. How many ways can one make gazpacho or braised cabbage? Sheesh. Oh, and put apples in a salad, you say? How innovative...

                to be honest, I have been getting my new recipes and inspiration from online bloggers - here and elsewhere. I find that I can relate more to the average home cook than the culinary mags anyway - plus, more content and less advertsing :) And, blog photography is really great ..step by step..and nothing is condensed for the sake of shortening copy.

                I cancelled my Real Simple and Martha Stewart. Real Simple was getting really repetitive.

                An offer for Prevention came last week - I like their light recipes, but again, if you are halfway decent cook you can figure out the swap outs.