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Mar 18, 2008 03:07 PM

Lunch in the Twin Cities

On this coming Monday our office is closed and some co-workers and I were looking to go out to lunch at a place we couldn't normally go during our hour long break. Are there any great lunch places out there with good specials that girls from West Saint Paul should venture out to?

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  1. Haven't been there for a few years but what about Beiruit Restaurant on Robert just south of Emerson? It's a plain looking building but great food. There's also Sage wine bar/restaurant in the new development at Dodd and Hwy 110 that I hear has good food. Tre Vino in South St. Paul on Concord and Grand is also good- not sure if they are open for lunch though. Not sure if you are looking to stay in that vicinity or travel?

    1. If it were a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday I'd say go to Buffalo Wild Wings in West St. Paul. On Tuesday they have a special on wings, Wednesday a special on drumsticks, and boneless wings on Thursday. Their salads are good--I get the blackened chicken salad (it is a salad with chicken on it not chicken salad), with honey mustard dressing when I want to eat light.

      In South St. Paul, there is The Coop, a BBQ chicken place. It is largely take out and in the past it was wise to call ahead to order so when you get there it is ready. I forget which street it is on, I'm thinking 3rd st? I didn't drive the last time I went.

      1. we are ok with traveling, the world is ours! (well, the twin cities are at least)

        We've been to the deli in Sage for lunch before, it was delicious, that little center is a great picnic spot!