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Mar 18, 2008 03:06 PM

New Restaurant Updates?

Am curious if anyone has been to 606 Congress...Also, does anyone know when Scampo opens and if there are any other spots planning to open in the next few weeks?

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  1. Not *new* per se, but Taqueria la Mexicana in Union Sq. has finished their expansion into the adjoining (old "Irish Eyes") space, and is set to open up the cantina. Was in the other night, but Roberto wasn't, so they couldn't give me a definite date, but any day now.

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    1. re: franksnbeans

      I hear a soft opening March 30, but it's not set in stone.

    2. Also wondering about opening dates for Orrinoco (Brookline Village) and Petit Robert (Chucktown)...Anyone know?

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      1. re: mbasnack

        I heard that Petit Robert Charlestown is no longer happening. Something about the landlord being difficult to work with I think?

      2. 606 Congress located in the waterfront in South Boston?

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        1. re: kate used to be 50

          Yes, 606 is in the new Renaissance Hotel. Nice space. Interesting menu. I can't remember what else I had but I remember the lobster. I unfortunately was going on someone else's recommendation when I ordered it. I didn't really read the description and was surprised when it arrived in a curry broth. That's not one of my favorite flavors but I am sure there was nothing wrong with the dish. The bartender, Holly, was great and very accomodating. I understand that the place has really only taken off for breakfast.

          Regarding other new restaurants, I just posted regarding Benatti in Inman. I definitely recommend it!

          1. re: kate used to be 50

            Yes, the Renaissance Hotel is near the waterfront. As I recall the menu is numbered with sections 1 to 6; the items under 1 being the lightest and under 5 the heaviest; 6 is cheeses. All the dishes are basically tapas size. We tried 2 items under 1 which were a raw steak and a raw tuna. Both were excellent.

            We sat at the bar and the drinks were well prepared. One item we did not like is the bar seating. The bar is very low and you sit in a dinig room table type chair and pull your seat up to the bar. It just did not feel right to me as I like stools and/or being able to stand at a bar. For that reason I probably will not return to their bar.