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Mar 18, 2008 02:53 PM

[London] Mead?

A couple weeks back, while dining at the Goods Shed in Canterbury, I drank mead for the first time. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, the market side of the Goods Shed had closed and I wasn't able to pick up some bottles.

Does anyone know where I can buy good English mead in town? Who are the recommended producers?

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  1. The only product I know is made on Lindisfarne in Northumbria and is available mail order

    In terms of direct suppliers of this or other products, I'd have thought a specialist beer shop would be a likely place.

    1. This place seems to have a huge variety of meads.

      1. I think the honey shop on Northcote Road, Wandsworth sells mead. They sell everything else you can make from honey so I would be surprised if they don't, anyway.

        1. I'm pretty sure you can buy it in Gerry's off licence on Old Compton Street in Soho in London. You can buy anything in there, and I'm sure that's where an old tutor of mine picked it up when I was at university. It's near the Wardour Street end of the road, on the same side as Balans (but well before it). You can't miss it, the windows are full of booze...