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Mar 18, 2008 02:38 PM

Oyster Sauce Substitute?

I'm not sure what kind of consistency oyster sauce has or what kind of flavor it is supposed to add, so I have no clue what I can use in its stead.
Any suggestions?

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  1. It depends how strictly kosher you are; I have bought "vegetarian oyster sauce" made from oyster mushrooms - no seafood, but not certified kosher.

    . Perhaps some exists certified kosher. I googled "kosher oyster sauce" (yes, I know that is like kosher ham, but there are quite a few hits on substitutes).

    Perhaps you can substitute another Asian sauce? What recipe do you want to make?

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    1. re: lagatta

      Yes, strictly kosher, Orthodox hashgacha required, etc.
      Most of what I find on line is out of date; I have had no success finding anyone who carries any kosher oyster-flavor sauce.
      I just want it in my larder for any recipe that asks for it - it pops up a lot in Weight Watchers recipes.

      1. re: RJeff

        I looked at the Soy Vay line - they are all kosher and parve, but I don't see (vegetarian) oyster sauce. Often it is a matter of producers of products that have nothing inherently non-kosher about them (vegetarian oyster sauce, soya-based vegetarian "cream") to see certification as worth their while.

    2. oyster sauce is thick and almost gelatinous. it is a great thickener and is very salty. i recommmend using a cornstrach/water mix and adding soy sauce. will not taste the same but will give you the thickening, dark colour and saltiness. i have also seen vegan oyster sauces available but as earlier stated, they are not certified.