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Mar 18, 2008 02:19 PM

Fun Business Dinner (Flatiron, Union Square)

I need to find a restaurant for dinner (8 people) with a group that I work with. We're near Madison Park/Flatiron/Union Square, etc., Asia de Cuba price-range and fun. Any thoughts? It's going to be a Thurday night, so I need to make a reservation soon. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Here are some ideas:

    Rosa Mexicana
    BLT Prime
    A Voce

    1. tatiana's are good ideas. dos caminos as well as rosa's. there is also pipa for tapa's & sangria or lucys.

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        Thank you to both of you - these are great suggestions!

      2. Depends on how casual you want to get but Hill Country BBQ would be super fun.

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          Sapa is right there and a great place