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Mar 18, 2008 02:08 PM

Hot Cross Buns - SD?

Would like to find some really good ones in SD.


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  1. Well, Lent started on February 5 and will end this Saturday, and so will the Hot Cross Buns, since they are a religious-based sweet, to be eaten instead of fried cakes and donuts as part of some sort of sacrifice for the 40 days before Easter (hence the day before Ash Wednesday being "Fat Tuesday" when all the fat is consumed, since it won't be used during Lent)..

    I have bought Hot Cross Buns at Howard's Bakery in El Cajon as well as Albertsons and Vons. They all have the same yeasty goodness and dried fruits, and are good when fresh or reheated.

    Again, they may be difficult to find since most people abstain from sweets on Good Friday and Holy Saturday and I think the bakeries know this and so pretty much have stopped making them as of this past Sunday.

    1. Panera has them through Easter. Not sure how good they are, but Panera is generaly consistently good.

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        New York Bakery on Main Street in El Cajon, right across from the performing arts center, had good ones this past weekend!