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Mar 18, 2008 01:28 PM

Delivery near University of Washington?

Looking for good delivery joints near the University of Washington. I just found out that the hotel I'm staying at (Watertown) doesn't have food service, and occasionally I'm an "eat in" girl. Any ideas? No greasy chinese or same-ol' pizza, please. Anything interesting? late night and/or 24 hours a +++.

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  1. Afraid not. I'm just down the street from you and have given up entirely on delivery for anything other than pizza. I like Pagliacci pizza (order light sauce, well done crust), I hear Romio's is great pizza too, but haven't tried them yet. Avoid just about every Asian takeout place nearby. :D

    1. Seattle in general has major issues with delivery. There's very little of it and what there is isn't worth the trouble (giant generalization, but it holds).

      1. A few of the Thai places around there deliver.
        That would probably be your best bet.

        I know Appe Thai delivers, I like some of their stuff, and I think Djan's does as well with a minimum order.

        1. You can try the Black Pearl---they deliver Chinese. It is not fancy and it pretty Americanized but it is solid and tends to have some pretty healthy food choices instead of grease
          Black Pearl 206-526-5115
          7347 35th Ave NE, Seattle Wedgwood

          1. You might call Trattoria Roma, at 47th and Aurora. I do not see their delivery radius on their website, but the UW is just 2-3 miles and you may qualify. Check out their website.