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Mar 18, 2008 12:56 PM

Molana (Watertown) recs?

Going with a friend for the first time. TIA.

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  1. My office has gotten take out a few times for lunch. The dinner menu is longer so I can't help there. At lunch everyone has been happier with the kubideh (ground chicken or beef kebabs ) sandwich as opposed to the kubideh platter. The kebabs taste better than they look and the platter just looks so monotone and unappetizing.

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    1. re: heypielady

      Thanks, we had a great meal. Started with the Kashk Bademjan (#1), a warm eggplant spread, not quite a puree, it had some nice texture and many layers of flavors which we could not identify, and was topped with mint frizzled in oil and some squiggles of yogurt -- absolutely delicious, both on pita and on its own. Then we shared the Kabob-E-Kubideh (#16), seasoned ground beef kebabs with basmati rice, which as you said was very uninspired looking but tasted very good indeed, and the Shirin Polo (#31), which were the best chicken kebabs I have ever had, tender and extremely well-flavored, with a basmati rice topped with orange peel, green almonds and I am not sure what else -- just terrific, even my non-chicken-enthusiast friend loved it. With two glasses of acceptable wine this set us back $50 before tip and I took a ton of leftovers home. Very pleasant (if unpolished) service. When we told the waiter we'd come back and order the same things again, he urged that next time we try the Jujeh Kabob (#25) (cornish hen) and ask for zereshk (sweet and sour currents) on top. We will be back soon!

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        That sounds great. I'll have to try it for dinner. You can imagine that our take-out lunch options were limited. But I do like the flavor in those kebabs. There's a pronounced saffron taste which I like.