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Mar 18, 2008 12:42 PM

Is it just me.....or "No Danko"


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  1. You really should have the stuttering problem checked out. ;)

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      more of a nervous twitch really!

    2. About a month ago, I went with my family to Gary Danko. It was my first time and I obviously had high expectations. Long story short, we chose to do a "tasting menu" with wine pairings and the food and wine were pedestrian. The food that was brought to the table was tepid and uninspiring. How can you screw up foie gras? And to serve an oaky chardonay with that course was appalling! Dinner was beef was so saucy and heavy handed and sat on a soggy round of potato gratin....and worst of all, it was served with an incredibly mediocre I was sitting there, I was almost embarassed for the staff. Prior to the seating we discussed with the wine steward that we were eonophiles and were looking forward to his selections....he really dropped the ball!The topic of conversation at the table was that-at an additional $75/person for wine pairings, we could've ordered two or three very nice bottles to savor with our dinner. Unfortunately, no one from the large serving staff picked up on this and the wine steward was not present nor did he ask if we were happy with his all in all the evening was a buzz-kill. I now realize that this restaurant is really geared toward the tourists....too bad!

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        I've never had bad food at Gary Danko, and never had a good wine pairing.

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          more mediocre than bad...just didn't live up to the hype....