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Mar 18, 2008 12:42 PM

Map of Arthur Avenue?

Hey Hounds,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a decent map of Arthur Ave., that shows the location of all the major markets, shops and restaurants. My parents are coming to town and we're planning a trip up there to look around, but my dad has bad knees and doesn't love walking a lot. We've got a car, so getting there is no problem, but I don't want to miss finding a good restaurant/shop just because he doesn't feel like walking a few more blocks to see what's around the next corner. Knowing what's where would be a huge help, but I haven't been able to find a map online. Anyone know of a good one? Thanks!

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    Note the date. I haven't looked to see whether some places are no longer relevant. It certainly must be missing some of the newer restaurants.

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      Oh thank you! This is perfect. I can google the newer places and add them by hand, but this is a great starting point!

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        Bear in mind that it's not that big an area, and the vast majority of stop-worthy places are either on Arthur (between 189th and 183rd) or on 187th Street east of Arthur. In fact, the only reason to go as far up as 189th (although it's an excellent reason) is for Tony and Tina's Albanian borek; otherwise, you could start at Tino's deli, just north of the intersection of Arthur and 187th - or start on 187th and Cambreleng and walk west to Arthur (and then south).

        Saturday is a busy shopping day; if that's when you're going, be aware that parking can be tight.

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          Just to add to that - there is a public lot - accessible from Hughes, I think, as well as Arthur Avenue. But, it does get crowded by 10am or so on a Saturday.

          1. re: MMRuth

            Thanks guys! I think we're going to try to do Arthur Ave on Friday to avoid the crowds, and save Saturday for LI Wine Country. Of course, if the weather is nice on Friday and forecast to be horrible on Sat, we may switch, but I think we'll be fine either way. My parents are VERY early risers, so I'm sure we can get out there in time to beat the crowds.

            1. re: biondanonima

              Sounds like a good plan, with one caveat - if you're planning on this Friday, I'm not sure whether stores will be closed (for Good Friday) or very busy (shopping for Easter Sunday); some stores, may be closed in the morning for Mass and open in the afternoon - so it's worth doing some checking first.

              This Saturday is definitely certain to be crazy.

              1. re: Striver

                Oooh, I wouldn't go anywhere near there on Easter weekend - I know how Italians feel about la Pasqua! My parents are coming in early May, and it's a non-holiday weekend so I think we'll be okay. Hopefully by then the weather will be really beautiful for our LI wine trip too!

                1. re: biondanonima

                  Phew! I was worried for you. You should have no problems with crowds during the week when it's not around holidays.

                  And like others have said, you can easily get from Tony and Tina's (your northernmost stop) to Borgatti's (easternmost), DeLillo's, Casa Della Mozzarella, the market, Calabria Pork Store and Morrone's without too much strain on your dad's knees. Enjoy!

                  1. re: rose water

                    One more question - the link above puts Roberto's at 632 E. 186th, but everything I've seen online says it's on Crescent. Did it move? Not sure we'll be going there anyway but I don't want to walk poor old dad up and down 186th searching for something that's not there!

                    1. re: biondanonima

                      It is right around the corner from where it use to be. He also has a new smaller place on Arthur Avenue across from the fish store.

    2. Bionda, as you know, Good Friday and Holy Saturday will be packed with people shopping for Easter. The good thing is that anyone willing to brave the elements then
      will *definitely* get a sense of the true Arthur Avenue vibe.

      Here's Roberto's second place in the neighborhood besides his place on Crescent.
      Take a look -->

      Divertitevi !!!

      1. You can also try a Places search - it turns up a bunch more places ...

        1. I go to Arthur Ave. all the time for lunch and shopping since I work at the Botanical Garden down the street.

          If you can afford it, definitely got to one of Roberto's place's- some of the best italian I've ever had in NY. And if it's on the menu get the baked (or roasted?) Porcini. Transcendental!

          On the cheaper side of things the back of the retail market a bit south of 186th has 2 great counter places. The one on the left has good pizzas and pastas, and the one on the right has great veggies, sandwiches, and Caponata (excellent eggplant dish).

          For shopping, stop at Teitel brothers for olives in bulk, cheapest Calbaut chocolate in bulk I can find in the city, excellent Don Luigi's and Edam olive oil, and delicious Ajvar (a macedonian/eastern european red pepper spread that I can eat a whole jar of in one sitting!)

          1. Just wanted to report that my little brother and I stopped up here this weekend for some food shopping and lunch - the map came in handy and everything was terrific. LB enjoyed oysters at Randazzos, then we got sandwiches at Mike's and another place (had to compare them - Mike's won, hands down). Bought some olives at Teitel and a burrata at Mike's, which we ate the next day in Central Park - the best lunch EVER! Can't wait to bring my parents in a few weeks (and buy more burrata)!