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Baba Ghanoush

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Just came back from Las Vegas where i had my favorite Baba Ganoush at the Mediteranian Cafe on Maryland Pkway. There's something really special about it. I know about Moishes in the FM on 3rd... are there any other places i can try for amazing Baba Ghanoush? A place i could get it to go would be ideal. Thanks for any tips.

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  1. My fave is the muttabal (sp?) (aka baba ghanoush) at Zankou Chicken. Nicely smoky, no holding back on the oil that makes it so velvety. The store in Burbank also has very good tabbouleh, just the right proportion of ingredients, lemony but not mouth-burning.

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      The pita guy "Moms Specialty Foods, Orange CA" at the Saturday Farmers Market at Pasadena High School. Other things like artichoke hummus and their pita chips are addictive.

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        agreed. they are also at venice FM on friday and beverly hills FM on sunday.

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          and the burbank FM on saturday and studio city on sunday...

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            . . . and the Hollywood FM on Sunday mornings.

            While I love the flavor of "Moms" baba ganoush, I wish they wouldn't blend it smooth.

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              And Irvine on Saturday mornings and South Pasadena on Thursday evenings.

    2. Zankou is always good, especially for takeout. But if you like it smokier, Marouch on Santa Monica is excellent.

      1. The babaganouj at Sunnin Lebanese Cafe in Westwood is always tasty. It's definitely a place where you can get it for takeout. Their portions are very generous for the price, as well.

        1. Is Golan kosher still around in Van Nuys? That was always my favorite but moved out of the area a few years ago.

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            still there last time I checked.

          2. I second Sunnin Lebanese Cafe - has a nice subtle smokiness to it, and it has always been very fresh whenever I have ordered it.

            1. I had the best baba ghanoush I've ever had at Skaf's Grill in North Hollywood. Though we live in Santa Monica, the food was well worth the trek. This Lebanese hole-in-the-wall has fantastic, flavorful food, reasonably priced - huge portions, too. Also amazing is the hummus - like butter.

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                I could have written this exact same entry word for word, except that I live in Venice, not Santa Monica. This is the best baba ghannouj I've had in LA and I have tried a lot. It's smokey, which is my desired flavor.

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                  I was just reading through the entries with the intent of posting exactly that at the end of my perusal. Smoky, unctuous, delicious. Get the hummus too, and their cabbage salad, and you'll be in heaven.

                2. The best baba ghanoush I've had is at Uncle Moustache at the Bonaventure food court. One time, he grilled the eggplant and made up a fresh batch while I waiting. Mmmm mmmm.

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                    Uncle Moustache has not existed for quite a while!. The two brothers had to combine operations and now go by the name "Olive Branch" which is on the pool deck level next to that brewery restaurant.

                    I must have had their 3-salad plate with baba ghanoush, cucumber-yogurt, and tomato-feta salad about 100 times.

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                      Oh! I guess it's been longer than it seems since I've worked downtown. Good to know the brothers are still there and still making their excellent baba ghanoush!

                  2. Make it yurself! Buy the ever so yummy Mediterranean Hummus from Trader Joe's then, at any Eastern European market, you'll find Zergut brand roasted eggplant. (Or grill yur own) and add the jar with the hummus to a blender for a qiuck chop and stir. YUMMO! (I get my Zergut products at Valley Produce - reseda/vanowen( if in the city any Jewish/eastern europe market

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                      normally baba ghanoush does not contain chickpeas.

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                        Yeah, I would think tahini (sesame seed paste), not hummus.

                        For another version, just roast halved eggplant in your oven, scoop out and blend the pulp with some olive oil, and I like to add minced garlic. Or you can roast some garlic bulbs along with the eggplant.

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                          ha, i tried that- making my own that way. it ended in disaster. the entire dip tasted like roasted garlic. thanks for all the tips everyone. i will def give the FM dips a whirl and get myself out to various places mentioned here.

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                        No hummus in baba ganooj. Maybe tahini.

                        Roasted and grilled are two different cooking processes.

                        back ON topic, I like Skaf's and the BG one can buy at the Italian Middle Eastern market on Riverside in Sherman Oaks.

                      3. Elf Cafe has a nice version. Drizzled with some excellent olive oil. Echo Park...a few storefronts down from American Apparel.

                        1. When you're down in OC try Zov's Bistro in Tustin (on 17th at the 55 fwy) Very nice.