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Mar 18, 2008 11:31 AM

The where and what of sushi fish


Im trying to have a sushi making party tomorrow and want some fish for raw use. Off the top of my head I can only think of ahi but I'm sure there are many kinds of good sushi fish(recommendations?). I live on the west side so I assume that an oceanside venue is the best place to find fish. Where's the best place to buy the fish? Also, what are some fish types to avoid due to their mercury etc?

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  1. Well, tuna is the easiest to get, but has high levels of mercury. Be sure to get Sushi grade fish, whatever you get.

    Try the se;lection of fish for making sushi with at Mitsuwa. Also, you can get some sushi grade fish from Santa Monica Seafood. Whole foods sells sushi grade tuna, but that's it.

    Otherwise, if it isn't marked or sold as sushi grade, I'd not buy it. It can be a dangerous gamble.

    1. I wouldn't go to a regular market, oceanside or otherwise. Having made sushi at home plenty of times I only go to Japanese markets that have a wide variety of pre-blocked sushi grade fish. On the Westside I'd go to Nijya Market on Sawtelle in the mini mall just north of Olympic on the East side of the street. There's another market called, I believe, Safe and Save on Sawtelle as well but I don't find their selection to be as diverse. As for Mercury consumption, unless you're embarking on a nightly sushi binge I REALLY wouldn't worry about it, Enjoy your party!

      1. Concur on Nijiya, Safe & Save, and Mitsuwa.

        If you can make it to Glendale, Fish King has a lot of great fish and they will trim it for you (so you can just slice for sashimi) if you request it.

        1. thanks guys. I live around the corner from Mitsuwa so I'm going to check it out.