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Mar 18, 2008 11:14 AM

Loved what?

I am the restaurant organizer for our yearly NYC trip.......huge pressure!!
Wowed them with Babbo last year and not sure how to top that. Looking for Italian, under $30 entrees, any neighborhood.

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    1. Few suggestions:

      - Degustation - Small plates, 16 seats, open kitchen amazing food, one of the best dining experiences in the city
      - Perilla- great neighborhood spot, amazing food, run by former top chef winner Harold
      - Perry Street - Quality Jean Georges spot, pricing is a little more reasonable
      - Tia Pol - best Spanish tapas in the city, a piece of Barcelona in Manhattan
      - Blue Hill (just at $30 and a few over, but worth it) - emphasis on local, all-natural ingredients
      - The little owl - wonderful neighborhood restaurant, always packed, emphasis on comfortable setting, no frills great food
      - Bar Room @ The Modern - the smaller dining room in the MOMA, amazing food, great setting, chic and popular
      - WD-50 - Wylie Dufresne's molecular gastronomy paradise, recently given 3 stars by the times and always providing memorable dining and images

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      1. re: ginsbera

        We are going to Perilla and Perry Street and enjoyed the modern on a past visit. We seem to have similar tastes! What about Italian?

        1. re: trishottawa

          ha, well look at that.

          Italian, well there are so many, but for $30 or less an entree check these out:

          - Inseimme - 7th Ave. in Times Square - get the lasagna
          - Sfoglia - Upper East Side gem
          - Cesca - UWS and Tom Valenti
          - Falai - LES - former pastry chef of Le Cirque is making a name for himself

          More Casual
          - 'ino - some of the best italian panini's you will ever have
          - Centro Vinoteca - Ann Burrell's italian hot spot
          - Bar Stuzzichini - massive spot, with tons of small italian plates, good for groups and easy on the wallet

          1. re: trishottawa

            Sfoglia, Pepolino, Peasant and Spigolo are my favorites.

        2. Del Posto is a bit more than 30 an entree but perhaps an option? There's also Avoce.

          1. A Voce is a very good option.
            If neighborhood isn't an issue you might consider Sfoglia (UES) or Insieme (Times Square-ish area).
            Other good options are Lupa or Maremma.